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10 Lawn Care Essentials for Commercial Properties

Lawn care essentials for commercial properties and businesses curb appeal

If you have a business, consider lawn care essentials to be part of routine maintenance. Taking care of your outdoor spaces, lawn, and property is what can attract and appeal to prospective customers, just as ill-maintained exteriors can deter them.  

Hire a professional for the following 10 commercial lawn care essentials for your business: 


Are you prepared to mow the grass around your business? If you do not want to invest in a mower to do it yourself, hire someone to take care of lawn care for the company. Even businesses with mowers may find it difficult to take time to tend the landscaping, or even to store the equipment safely. Do yourself a favor and hire a reputable lawn company 

2. Trimming

Trimming goes hand-in-hand with mowing. Trimming usually refers to those areas of the landscape that you can’t access with your mower- as well as the edging, near gardens, or around beds. Trimming reduces weeds, which in turn, lowers the issue of pests, too.  

3. Raking

Got any trees on your commercial property? Eventually, the leaves will fall and you will need to rake. Raking can be labor intensive, plus you must have the foliage bagged for curbside pickup, typically. In some cases, simply disposing of leaves can be a pain. Raking, leaf-blowing, bagging, and disposal are key components of lawn care. Hire someone for the task, especially for larger lots.  

4. Spreading

There are numerous things that you spread on a lawn to keep it looking good for your potential visitors and clients. Mulch, fertilizer, and seed are just a few of the things that will require attention and effort for the best curb appeal. If you plan to buy and distribute mulch, for instance, you will also need to consider the transport of mulch, including shovels and a truck or trailer. 

5. Digging 

Every time that you install a landscaping feature or plant something, you need the ability to dig. This is where a lawn care company can help. Before you invest in gardening tools for the job- like a hoe, shovel, and wheelbarrow- consider if it is the most cost-effective approach to do it yourself.  

6. Pruning

Trimming is similar to pruning. Some plants, trees, and fixtures will require a snip from time to time. After storms, for example, you may need to have some trees pruned back to maintain clear entry and exit from your business for both pedestrians and vehicles.  

7. Seeding

Don’t forget about seeding your lawn each fall so it is lush and green in the spring! If grass simply doesn’t grow on your property, you may want to consider adding turf, which should be done professionally for best results.  

8. Hardscaping

Add some non-living features to your company’s greenspace to enhance curb appeal. From water fountains to retaining walls, and lawn art to signage, hardscaping can enhance any outdoor space, but perhaps most effectively for business owners.  

9. Watering

Regular and regimented watering is integral to maintaining a healthy lawn. Find your outdoor faucet and add a spray attachment to your nozzle. Better yet, talk to your lawn care company about irrigation systems and how your business could benefit from one.  

10. Snow Removal

Do you live in a region susceptible to snow and ice? This requires specialized care and attention. Talk to your landscaping company to prevent nasty, weather-related problems and to learn more. 

Trust your company’s lawn care needs to commercial landscaping and ground service professionals in Charleston, SC, at Carolina Services Grounds Division. Call or visit today to find out more.