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3 Crucial Characteristics of the Right Commercial Landscaping Company

3 Crucial Characteristics of the Right Commercial Landscaping Company

If you are a business owner, make sure that you don’t underestimate the landscaping needs of your company. Since you are welcoming staff, clients, and consumers to your door, it is integral to make sure your landscaping is up to par to present the best possible first impression, while also providing safety and convenience to potential patrons.


Consider carefully the three characteristics of the right commercial landscape company for your business:


The first thing to look at is the landscaper’s experience, and to seek out those that specialize in commercial properties. Since residential projects tend to be simpler, without the issues related to serving the public, you want to find a landscaping company with expertise in working with businesses. Some of the factors that commercial landscapers can help their client navigate include lighting, access, driveways, parking areas, and turf. Additionally, these professionals will be able to guide you in enhancing your company’s curb appeal and highlighting any signage that may be on your property. Effectually, the right landscape design can improve business which may directly impact revenues. Hiring a residential landscaper merely to maintain your grounds and greenspaces is not enough; invest in a commercial company that can make the most of your exteriors.



When it comes to dealing routinely and regularly with your landscape company, transparency is key. Expect open and honest communication related to services, estimates, and costs. While the landscaper is the professional, you still deserve the respect and authority to make all final decisions related to your property. Demand regular provision and contact in the event of a change, delay, or issue. This can help to preserve your vision of what your property should look like while still relying on the pragmatism and expertise of the landscaper you decide to hire. Check online reviews, ratings, and feedback to determine other clients’ experiences before hiring, agreeing, or making plans with a prospective landscape business.



Another distinction between residential and commercial landscape services is the need for consistency and dependability. If your grounds get overlooked at home, the repercussion may only be inconvenience, while at work the consequences are more severe, including a potential loss of business. Make sure that the landscaper you hire offers year-round service provision, which will vary depending on your region and climate. Commercial services typically include lawn care, gardening, snow removal, and walkway maintenance. This will help to free-up time year-round for proprietors and staff, which gives them more time to address customers and focus on work.  Also ask about emergency services, such as related to a falling tree or recent storm issue, to ensure you have someone to call before your customers come to your establishment.


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