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3 Important Ways You Benefit From Business Landscaping

3 Important Ways You Benefit From Business Landscaping

Business landscaping doesn’t just look good, it actually improves your business in a variety of ways. Whether you go the tried and true classic route, or you like to bring a couple of unique trends into your business landscape year after year, your decision to invest in business landscaping is actually your decision to invest in your business, and we want to outline the top 3 ways your business benefits in a concrete way from efficient and professional landscaping services.

Economic And Financial Benefits

You may not realize it, but business landscaping can do some pretty impressive things to your bottom line. A research study conducted by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association has shown that professional business landscaping can increase the value of a business property by as much as 14%. What this means is that should you decide to move your business property and sell your first location, you’ll be able to net up to 14% more simply because you chose to opt for professional business landscaping services. This number doesn’t include any interior work that may have been done to the business property to increase its value, and that will only add more to your potential final selling price. As businesses grow, they often grow out of their original space, and a little business landscaping can ensure that space can be sold for a reasonable price and enjoyed by the next brand to take the space over.


Resale value isn’t the only place where business landscaping helps to benefit a business economically. Clients, investors, or customers to visit the space to discuss potential partnerships or to do a little shopping get a lot from stepping into a well-manicured landscape that they and you may not fully realize. A well cared for business landscape tells those visiting that the business they are about to visit is detail oriented, proud of their business, proactive, and caring, which is something that makes a solid good impression. First impressions are always the most important, and your business landscape can ensure yours gets off on just the right foot.


Psychological And Physical Benefits To Your Employees, Clients, And Customers

Humans are part of nature, and it’s been proven that a beautiful natural landscape impacts the human psyche positively. Research and first hand experiences have proven that regular interaction with nature helps to lower stress levels and lift moods, which is beneficial for everyone coming into your business every day. For employees, this lessening of stress helps them to be more productive at work, aids in boosting their creativity, and gives them a reason to be in a better mood each day. For clients, investors, or customers, this interaction with nature will put them in just the right frame of mind to do a little shopping or make a deal, as the landscape surrounding them helps to put them at ease.


Business landscaping with fresh plants and trees can also help to improve the air quality in and around a business, which promotes health to visitors and employees alike.


Environmental Benefits Of Business Landscaping

If your business prides itself on being green or limiting its carbon footprint, eco-friendly business landscaping is a way to “put your money where your mouth is”. For instance, shade trees placed strategically around the building can help you to reduce your energy costs by providing shade in the summer, and deciduous trees of this nature can even lessen winter energy costs as well by providing a shield against harsh winter winds. The use of sustainable water and indigenous plants can also help to boost your local eco-systems and bring a bit of nature to your business landscape for visitors and employees to enjoy. With business landscaping, you can create your own little self-reliant eco-system right on your business property grounds.


From saving you money and upping property values, to putting people in a better mood, the art of business landscaping can benefit you and your business in a variety of concrete ways. With these, you can see just how your business landscape helps to benefit your business, as everyone gets to enjoy these benefits themselves.


With business landscaping, however, in order to keep these benefits going for years to come, maintenance will be important, and only a professional business landscaping service can perform the type of maintenance needed to ensure these benefits remain. With a professional business landscaping service, you can sit back and rest assured that your business landscape is everything you wish it to be, and it can be changed with the trends, your business needs, or simply on a whim as you see fit. Allow your business property to embody the personality and the values of your business with all the benefits that business landscaping has to offer.