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4 Good Reasons to Fertilize your Commercial Lawn  

Landscaper pouring fertilizer for lawn fertilize green grass

Want a lush lawn? What better way to introduce customers, colleagues, or clients to your commercial property than with healthy and green curb appeal. The key to great grass is to fertilize.  

Four good reasons to fertilize your commercial yard or lawn are: 

1. Nutrients 

You probably know that fertilizer provides food for the lawn, yard, and plants, but did you know that vital nutrients may also become lost during routine landscaping of your greenspace. It is imperative for turfgrass to receive enough nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to grow green and lush.   

What do these nutrients do? 

  • Nitrogen is why your grass is green. It also contributes to how dense your lawn will be. Be careful, however, not to overdo as it can cause problems like disease, damage, and pests.  
  • Potassium is the nutrient that helps your grass fend off disease and fungus. It helps make the lawn strong so it can survive drought, weather, and traffic.  
  • Phosphorus helps create a healthy root system and fosters growth.  

Talk to a landscape professional with experience in commercial properties to find fertilizer for your turfgrass in your distinct climate and geographic region.  

2. Water 

Sure, your lawn needs water, but too much can be problematic. Fertilizer creates a stronger root system, so water can be absorbed more quickly, leaving fewer puddles and pools on the grass. Good absorption leads to firmer soil, which can help sustain your turfgrass and keep it looking appealing and lush.  

3. Weeds 

Another perk of fertilizing your commercial lawn is to prevent weeds. Healthy grass is less susceptible to weeds and can choke them out without products, chemicals, or intervention. The stronger the roots of your commercial lawn are, the less likely it is to be invaded by weeds. 

4. Pests 

Let’s not forget about pests. If you fertilize your lawn, you are less likely to experience pest problems. That is, a healthy, fertilized lawn fosters garden-dwelling insects that get rid of the pests for you! For instance, worms, ladybugs, and praying mantises are all attracted to healthy grass- let them do the pest removal for you! Also, since your lawn is healthy and thriving, it will be less vulnerable to these pests to begin with.  

A side note about praying mantises: if you feed or attract hummingbirds to your greenspace, know that praying mantises’ prey on and kill this tiny bird species.  

Want help fertilizing your commercial lawn? A lush lawn can help a business or brand with curb appeal, which can attract customers and clients. Talk to commercial landscaping and ground service professionals in Charleston, SC, Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc. We offer landscaping and maintenance to ensure your lawn is lush, green, and healthy. Call or visit today!