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4 Strategies to Augment Your Water Management

4 Strategies to Augment Your Water Management

When looking at ways to improve the success and increase the efficiency of your greenspace, it pays to consider your water management; Is it time to evaluate and possibly augment your water management system? Some simple tactics ensure you are on-track for a successful grow-season, without inflating utility costs.

Four strategies to augment your water management effectively are:

Rain Barrels

Did you know that simple rain barrels can be an excellent way to add and enhance water management on your property? Invest in free-standing containers that can capture rainwater intermittently, during seasonal storms and weather. You may also position the barrels under the gutters to catch gallons of water swiftly during the Carolina rainy season.


Sensors have come a long way; contemporary styles absorb water, making them precise and accurate in initiating water management strategies. The sensors in your system are programmed to detect when to turn off and when to water your greenspaces. This can be an effective way at conserving water and protecting your plants from water mis-management, both which can save you money over time. You may also find some companies offer incentives to homeowners that conserve water with sensors.


Don’t overlook winterizing your water system; make sure to do this before the first hard-frost in the low-country, often around Halloween in late October. ¬†Winterize by draining the water from the irrigation system and protecting any electrical components from the weather.


Irrigation is everything when it comes to healthy, hardy plants and a lush greenspace. Irrigation is much more than the mere watering of your yard and garden; it is also about drainage and how effectively water is absorbed into the soil.

There are two types of irrigation systems to consider: spray-head and drip-emitter:

Spray-head systems act a lot like sprinklers; they exude a fine mist which disseminates and spreads water over a specific area of vegetation. You can use unique patterns, timers, and dual-sprayers to overlap and cover your greenspace as needed, and according the configurations that you choose. The water is sprayed over the soil so it eventually drops and is absorbed into the topsoil.

Drip-emitter systems give you more control over the amount of water delivered to a plant, which allows you to be precise and accurate when watering. The emitter is near the root of your plant, which also helps to guide water where it is needed most, resulting in more efficient water management.

When making plans to augment your water management system, focus on these four features that can make or break your current system. Talk to a professional landscape design team for assistance in implementing new strategy.

Want to evaluate your water management system and consider some new options? Talk to the professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Division in Charleston. They are waiting to help you improve and augment your water management techniques, as easily and efficiently as possible.