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4 Things Every HOA Should Have on Their Landscaping Checklist

4 Things Every HOA Should Have on Their Landscaping Checklist

If you manage or reside in a neighborhood with a homeowner association, then landscaping is something you may  be concerned with. When shopping around for landscape professionals and negotiating contracts, there is a very-basic HOA Checklist that may help you pinpoint the perfect company to tend and maintain your exteriors.

Four things that every Homeowner Association should have on their landscaping checklist are:

A Schedule  

You want a landscape company that is transparent about charges and fees, which will help let those living in your building know how their HOA fees are being spent. Also, a firm schedule from the landscaper is information that residents will want to know and plan around. Consider a monthly newsletter and calendar or a simple email to each tenant in your community. 

Personal Preferences  

Make sure that the landscape company you choose to maintain your property pays attention to your – and your neighbors’ – personal preferences. Some residents may want to tend their own plots of earth and beds; let the landscapers know this upfront. Community gardens, personal lawns, and flower beds are some places that you may not want a landscape company to contribute. Ask your tenants their preferences and pass this on to your landscaper.


There is a lot more to commercial landscaping than you may realize; in the case of a multi-family dwelling, residential landscaping services may not fit the bill. A commercial landscaping team has experience in expertise in dealing with businesses, including HOAs. They are prepared for the complexity and sheer size of these properties, as well as engaged with professionals with specialty skills that may be needed when maintaining your building or buildings. 


Develop an understanding with the potential landscape candidates regarding maintenance on your end; that is, you will need to make sure the yard is clear before the landscaper arrives or it could interfere with your scheduled services. Things like cables, utility wires, and underground fencing should be clearly marked with a flag or prepare to bear the expense when they are damaged. Inform tenants to pick up tools, sprinklers, and even pet toys when the landscaper is planning to come. This will make their job a bit easier and more efficient, too.

Work with a commercial landscaping and ground services company in Charleston that offers what you need for your HOA; Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., has experience in commercial properties and is the right choice when you want to check these four things off your list. Their years of local and commercial experience is the perfect pairing for your landscaping; call them today to learn more about keeping your property at it’s best for its residents.