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4 Ways Exterior Lighting Betters Your Business  

Exterior lighting LED string lights at night

Exterior lighting does a lot more for your business than illuminate. Consider upgrading and enhancing your outdoor lighting to welcome patrons, while deterring intruders.  

Four ways that exterior lighting betters your business are: 


The right lighting goes a long way toward deterring trespassers on your property. Lighting up the dim areas around your building can make it feel more welcoming to patrons and safer for staff. As long as the lights are strategically placed and consistently used, they can bring a level of security to your business. For this reason, it makes sense to consult with a professional in exterior lighting design 


Another way that your outdoor lighting can help enhance business is through curbing costs. When reconfiguring and upgrading your lighting systems, go with LED lights; they are more energy-efficient than conventional halogen, fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs.  

Sure, it costs a bit to get started but after you make the initial investment of switching to LED, you should see energy savings on your utility bills month after month. LED is cooler to the touch, and you will find that you do not need to change the bulbs as frequently, saving you labor costs. LED offers both efficiency and longevity.  


Another important reason to illuminate your commercial property properly is safety, both yours and your customers. Fall hazards are everywhere; install lights so that slips, trips, and falls do not occur. Look for spots where it would be easy to take a tumble, such as near steps, thresholds, or curbs, and light them up with simple but effective exterior lighting solutions.  


The fourth reason why lighting can better your business is curb appeal. Lights can bring attention to the most attractive elements of your storefront, building, or façade, while distracting from less appealing features. Plus, spotlights give you an opportunity to light up your signage, direct guests, and share information in a way that won’t be missed! Make your property shine with the right lights.  

Exterior Lighting Ideas 

Consumers have a lot of varied options for outdoor lighting. Consider these ideas: 

  • Step lights are an excellent solution to prevent fall hazards from tripping up visitors, staff, and guests.   
  • Floodlights do just that: they flood the greenspace with light. These are an important in maintaining security on the property.  
  • Lamp posts work well in areas that don’t have a wall or fixture to secure to, and they bring an ornamental touch to outdoor spaces.   
  • Motion activated lights are energy efficient, only using power when the sensors detect movement.  
  • Wall lights are another security measure that should be installed near doors, entrances, and exits.  
  • Spotlights help bring attention to distinct features, like your sign and building.  

Want to learn more about how exterior lighting can better your business or brand? Talk to the team at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC, today!