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4 Fall and Winter Varieties to Spruce up Your Business

Adding color and vibrancy to your business during the cooler months can be a challenge. Here are 4 varieties that perform well even when the months are cool here in South Carolina.

ornamental-cabbageFlowering Cabbage and Kale

Ornamental cabbages and kale come in a variety of colors from pink, purple and white. These annuals look great in beds with other plants or grouped by themselves. They are very low maintenance and will grow right through until spring.

Johnny Jump Up

johnny-jump-upThe white and purple flowers of Johnny Jump Up, also knows as heartease, adds a great mix of winter green and interesting flowers. Also use these for areas of partial shade that need to have some interest. While usually marketed as an annual don’t be surprised if you see them return next season.


purple-and-yellow-pansy-1396595_960_720Purple, Gold, Red and even Orange, with a little determination you can find Pansies in nearly any color you want. Pansies flower all winter here in South Carolina and only the hardest of freezes will knock them back. Even if this happens they will quickly recover. The wide range of colors and low maintenance makes Pansies one of the more popular varietals for Fall and Winter in South Carolina.

Sweet William

dianthus-barbatusSweet William is a colorful and often fragrant flowering perennial that is hardy and beautiful for the winter garden. It will survive into summer so it’s a great option if you don’t want to change your beds out too often.