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5 Reasons To Use Mulch In Your Commercial Landscape


Mulch is an important part of the landscaping of your commercial spaces. Mulch is attractive, but it’s also incredibly functional for the health and growth of your landscaping.

Consider these five reasons to use mulch in your commercial landscapes:


Weeds can present problems in your commercial green spaces. First, they make your landscape appear unmaintained which may send the wrong message to potential customers and prospective patrons. Weeds also suck the nutrients from the soil, leaving little for your plants, beds, and gardens.

Mulch prevents sunlight from reaching weeds, which thwarts their growth. Bare ground and open spaces are prone to weeds; mulch provides a barrier that keeps weeds at bay, which also makes it easier to maintain your property overall.


Without water, many of your plants and trees will wither. Depending on Mother nature is not enough; you will need some sort of irrigation system for a hardy and lush landscape. Using mulch helps the soil retain moisture, which helps your plants thrive. This also helps conserve water which may fit in well with municipal water restrictions during specific times of the year.

Mulch keeps the soil damp and cool- which your plants will love!


Adding a thick layer of mulch to your landscape can help prevent soil erosion- which is a significant environmental concern to all. When the soil is damp, it is less prone to erosion and more difficult to wash away during extreme weather conditions. Over time, erosion can wreak havoc on the environment. Talk to your landscaping professional to learn more and find ways to prevent erosion and lessen your commercial carbon footprint.


Mulch helps make the soil more nutritious for your plants, beds, and gardens. The specific nutrients and minerals in the soil run the risk of being washed away in weather without mulch. It helps preserve and protect the soil as well as your plants!

Furthermore, some organic mulches release nutrients as they break down- making your plants healthy and hardy.


Ask your yard and garden retailer for mulch that helps to control pests. Specific types of bark, like cedar, naturally impedes infestation of bugs- which makes your landscape much easier to maintain and more enjoyable. When shopping for mulch, look for those that have a strong smell as these are typically the ones that help control pests best.

Curb appeal 

A sixth compelling reason to use mulch is the curb appeal it provides for your commercial space. A more inviting and maintained appearance can be very effective at bringing in business, which has favorable impacts on your company’s bottom line.

Trust the professionals to take your commercial landscaping to the next level. For Charleston, South Carolina businesses, Carolina Services Grounds Division is a division of Carolina Services Inc. that provides upscale, professional landscaping for your commercial spaces. Contact us today to learn more about the wide variety of services we provide!