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5 Signs of Moles in Your Business Lawn  

Moles in business lawn landscaping damage

Moles can be a pain, causing destruction and damage to your property in no time. They are a real issue for homeowners and businesses in the Carolinas- which is why it is important to be aware of an issue sooner, rather than later. Did you know that moles can burrow and dig up over 15 feet in just one hour? They are the most active and do the most damage after dark, early in the morning and later at night.  

Here is what you need to know about moles: 


Moles are quite small compared to the havoc they can wreak, and typically are no more than a foot long weighing up to a half pound. They use their unique toes and front feet to dig and tunnel, creating a mess in your lawn. They have a keen sense of smile but are nearly blind. These little creatures are very prevalent in the eastern United States, including the Carolinas.  

The Problem

So, what kind of problems can moles cause? What is the big deal about tunneling? The moles dig and burrow to find their food of choice- worms and grubs- which leaves your lawn a mess. The results include a brown trail of unearthed soil and brown patches that can ruin curb appeal for some time. Plus, the damage that they do compromises the integrity of the lawn’s surface, so it would be easy for someone to step in a hole and get injured on your property.  

5 Signs of Moles 

Moles don’t do much during the day, so it can be difficult to spot them on your property. There are five common signs of moles to watch for, which may point to whether you have a mole problem. These five signs are:

1. Ridges that rise above the grass or greenspace.  

2. Discolored or yellowed spots on your lawn or grass.  

3. Molehills, which are mounds of dirt that are typically located near the mole tunnel entrance. 

4. Soft, loose, or aerated spots of earth along the grass or lawn. 

5. More weeds when usual, since plants and grass roots are killed allowing weeds to thrive.  

Do you suspect moles are taking over your yard or business lawn? It is tough to prevent mole activity, as you may never actually detect, spot, or see a mole on your property until the damage is done. A better approach is targeted treatment for moles, which includes baiting and trapping. Also, make sure to treat and eliminate tunnels that have been made so that they don’t return to the location. 

Think moles have been visiting your business lawn? We are a professional Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC- and we know the damage that moles can do. Call or visit Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., today.