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5 Traits To Look For In Your Commercial Landscaping Company

hiring commercial landscaping

If you have a business or commercial property, you know the importance of maintaining curb appeal. When hiring commercial landscaping crews and companies, make sure that you are asking the right questions and doing your due diligence before you commit.

Need a landscaping company? Look for the following characteristics:

Consistent Communication

Think about your initial communications with the prospective landscaping company- were they responsive and timely? Do you feel that they understood and listened to you? While it may be tough to rank a new landscaper before they actually come and do the job, choose a company that returned your calls and that is clear about what they do. These early communications are a good indicator of how they will treat you and your property later.


Depending on your distinct landscaping needs, you may want to choose a one-stop-shop in lieu of more specialized service providers. That is, perhaps you can find someone who will maintain the lawns, trim trees, and deal with hardscaping issues, instead of three separate contractors, which can make for confusion and complication.

You may also want to look for landscapers that offer other services you may want down the line, like pressure washing or masonry. This can help expedite projects when you need something done.


There are distinctions and differences between landscaping residential and commercial properties, which is why it is key to hire someone with experience in the right sector. Ask to see photos of past projects; better yet, hire a commercial landscape company that has an impressive portfolio of their commercial work. This may also serve to inspire you with some unique landscaping ideas that you had not yet considered.

Green Options

Whenever possible, look for a company that cares about the environment and that will purposefully do what it can to reduce the carbon footprint that they leave behind. Perhaps the landscaper uses recycled materials or works to reduce waste and conserve water. These are all admirable qualities and helpful when you are keeping sustainability in mind. Ask how the landscape company is eco-friendly and go green when you can.

Good References

Do not just ask for references, make sure that you check them, too! Who knows the company’s work and ethics better than past and current clients? Take your time and do your due diligence to ensure you are not hiring a company with poor reviews that could manifest in poor service or dissatisfaction later. Ask neighbors or colleagues for their own recommendations and experiences- many will be happy to share what they know!

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