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6 Signs You Need a New Irrigation System

commercial irrigation system

Do you really need to wait until your current irrigation system stops working to know there is an issue? There are typically some tell-tale signs that you have a problem that warrants a new system.

Six signs that you need a new irrigation system are:

1. The Lawn

Your lawn is going to spill the beans regarding the true condition of your irrigation system. When the system falters or fails, you will see spots on the grass that are indicative of either overwatering or underwatering- both which are equally problematic for your landscape and curb appeal.

2. Installation Issues

How was your sprinkler system installed? If it was done by anyone besides a professional, or if you have experienced issues with the wiring of your system, it is a sign to upgrade your system. This often occurs when a layman installs an irrigation system or if waterproofing was delayed. Other projects and construction could also potentially cause damage to the irrigation system’s wiring.

3. Old Irrigation System

How old is your current irrigation system? The age of the system has a lot to do with whether it is time for a new one or not. The older the system gets, the more issues and repairs are likely to pop up, and since many systems are outdated and obsolete, repairing them may cost more than upgrading to new. Still unsure? Talk to a landscape professional to learn more.

4. System Leaks

Leaks are a problem that may merit updating your irrigation system. Usually, leaks are an issue in the mainline of older system, which causes the system to work poorly, sluggishly, or erratically. If you notice leaks along nozzles, sprinklers, or valves, it warrants attention to the system to address the issue, but the old system may be salvageable.

5. Frequent Problems or Repairs

When a system continues to break down and require repairs, there could be an inherent issue that is simply not worth fixing. Frequent repairs may merit a new irrigation system. It will likely save you money over the long run.

6. High Water Costs

What are your water bills like? If you notice sudden spikes in consumption and costs of water, you may need a new irrigation system- and soon. There are several reasons that could cause this unexpected jump- none of them are good. Save water and increase efficiency with a new sprinkler system.

Without proper irrigation, your landscape design and meticulous maintenance will all be for nothing. Work with a knowledgeable professional that can design a cost-effective irrigation plan, that is also watchful toward water consumption and savings.

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