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6 Tips for the Best Commercial Landscaping Design

6 Tips For The Best Commercial Landscaping Design

The design process is where many business and business complex owners get overwhelmed when it comes to commercial landscaping. There are so many design options, so many plants to choose from, the incorporation of lights and other structural elements, and maintenance that all needs to be considered, and when going in without a pre-formed idea first, it can quickly seem like a task that is simply too much. What can help immensely, however, are a few ideas and tips to start from, and we want to outline these tips to start the wheels of inspiration turning. 6 tips for the best commercial landscaping design are:


  1. Consider the building – Your commercial landscaping design should enhance and draw the eye to the building, rather than overtake it or draw the eye away. Before brainstorming your design ideas, you first consider the building you’re landscaping around and how the shape of the architecture can benefit from the grounds surrounding it. For instance, a larger business complex with walkways and different outbuildings can look imposing when just placed on a field of plants, but you can use your commercial landscaping to outline these pathways and create a more welcoming environment.


  1. Work up your entrances – Your entrances are where you welcome in clients, customers, employees, and investors, so work up the entrances and use commercial landscaping to maximize the type of welcome they offer. Plants and flowers that have a low height, as not to obstruct any entrances and vibrant bright colors are ideal for drawing people from the outside into your business with a welcoming feel. It’s also important to try to avoid anything like trees or bushes that may overgrow and become a nuisance to those coming in and out in these areas.


  1. Create a focal point – In a courtyard area or front region away from the entrance, create a focal point that will draw the eye naturally to your building, then allow the eye to travel around to all the other commercial landscaping elements you have framing the area. Unique trees, bright pops of color, or hardscaping elements like ponds or lighting can really do the trick to give your business just the kind of curb appeal that attracts the right attention.


  1. Think about the long-term – Even with regular grounds maintenance, some plants and trees may simply grow too large for your space. While they may have been perfectly appropriate to your design initially, within the course of a decade or so the growth can make the design begin to look unruly or untidy, so thinking about the long-term is important. Your commercial landscaping company assisting you with your design should be able to inform you on what plants will grow to be quite large, and what that can do to the overall look of your space in the long term.


  1. Consider the seasons – There are 4 seasons in a year, and many flowers, shrubs, and trees will only bloom with color in one of them. You don’t want your commercial landscaping to look extraordinary for a couple months out of the year, and then go through long forgettable periods, so you’ll want to consider plants that bloom during different seasons or provide a great aesthetic all year round. These types of plants will give you that stylish look you want regardless of the season you may be in. For floral designs, businesses can also choose different areas for blooms in each season by focusing certain landscaping elements on flowers that bloom in each season.


  1. Consider safety – In your commercial landscaping design, safety should always be a prioritized consideration. Trees with large upturned roots should be kept far away from walking areas, bushes and shrubs kept trim, and flowers free from thorns or away from walkways in order to avoid obstructions that could lead to an injury on your business property. However, lighting is also a major consideration that those crafting business landscaping designs should consider for safety reasons but often pass over in their thought process. Lighting around entranceways, walkways, and parking lots can create that perfect inviting environment that keeps patrons, investors, partners, clients, and employees safe.


Along with your commercial landscaping company, and these points of consideration, any business landscape can be transformed into one that is safe, inviting, and eye-catching within the community in the best possible way. Your chosen commercial landscaping professionals can often also help you with each step of the way in designing your perfect commercial landscape, aiding you in meeting your needs while still prioritizing convenience, cost, and manageability in order to maximize your commercial landscaping investment. With a professionally aided design and regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your commercial landscaping will enhance your business landscape for many years to come.