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7 Benefits of the Right Mulch for Commercial Landscapes

By August 15, 2018August 22nd, 2018Commercial Landscaping
Benefits of Mulch for Commercial Landscapes

It is key to keep your commercial greenspaces looking their best for both potential customers, as well as for the overall valuation of your property. Failure to maintain your company exteriors could compromise business and deter prospective patrons. Mulch is one way to improve and enhance your outdoor areas simply and affordably.

Seven benefits of using mulch are:

Curb Appeal 

One advantage of using mulch is sheer aesthetics; it helps keep your property looking polished and cared-for. Plus, you can find a wide range of mulch varieties to coordinate with your business façade, creating an attractive and cohesive curb appeal.

Some mulch options for commercial greenspaces are:

  • Shredded bark.
  • Wood chips.
  • Pine needles.
  • Rubber composites.   

Talk to area landscapers about eco-friendly options made from recycled materials to exhibit sustainability and stewardship to your community.

Water Conservation  

Second, using mulch conserves water and helps plants preserve moisture better. This equates to lower utility costs and prevention of run-off, which can be problematic in some situations. Mulch protects the roots from drying out, which can jeopardize growth.

Prudent Protection  

Mulch insulates and protects your plants in temperatures that may be unseasonably cool or warm. Think of mulch as being a protective barrier between the elements and the fragile roots of your greenspace.

Weed Reduction  

Did you know that mulch reduces weeds? By covering the ground around your plants with mulch, you are preventing sunlight from reaching weeds, which equates to saving money on maintenance. Reduce weeds with a thin layer of mulch around your beds, shrubs, and gardens.

Soil Improvement

When mulch biodegrades, it improves and enriches the soil. This can lead to better soil quality over the course of the growing season. Of course, your mulch will need to be something that can be broken down and that is biodegradable, such as pine or cedar bark varieties.

Separation and Segregation

Use mulch around the stems and stalks of plants to segregate and separate them from tree roots and other flora on the property. This helps lead to distinct root-systems and optimal growth.

Decreased Compaction

Mulch prevents compaction of the soil and helps keep the earth from becoming too-dense to facilitate your plants and gardens.

Mulch requires little maintenance, though it is important to replace and add materials as needed over time due to breakdown and biodegradation. A landscape professional will service and keep your mulch looking pristine all year long.

Commercial landscapes face distinct challenges when it comes to their exteriors and greenspaces. Maintain these areas to encourage and inspire patrons to visit your establishment. Talk to a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company near Charleston for maintaining your company greenspaces and applying mulch to the property. The professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., have insight into the climate and obstacles facing businesses when it comes to a lush and hardy landscape; call for a consult today.