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7 Important Ways to Keep Pedestrians Safe Around Your Property 

7 Important Ways to Keep Pedestrians Safe Around Your Property 

Is your property safe for pedestrians? If it isn’t, you are putting your valued customers and staff in harm’s way while also putting your company at-risk for legal action. Don’t have time to take care of your outdoor spaces? Hire a professional landscape company and put your mind at ease.

Here are seven important ways to keep pedestrians safe around your property:

Improve Lighting  

Most nasty falls can be prevented with adequate lighting, both inside and out. Light-up the areas around your building and consider features like foot-lights near steps and spotlights near any signage. Use care to illuminate paths to guide visitors safely to your door. An added benefit of improved lighting is that it reduces the incidence of crime. 

Watch Water  

Keep a watchful eye out for puddles and pools of water around your property. These not only pose as a fall-hazard, but are a waste of resources if they are coming from your irrigation system. Check and adjust your system to prevent water from becoming a safety risk.

Check for Fall Risks  

Look around for things that could cause pedestrians to slip or fall; take a close look at hidden obstacles, like irrigation boxes, sprinklers, hoses, or stones. Reward team members that identify fall risks or inherent hazards and bring them to your attention. 

Maintain the Lawn  

Even with the best signage, people are going to cut-across and walk-over your lawn- which is why it is integral to keep it maintained. Keep it mowed, trimmed, with clippings removed. Assess your grass for holes periodically, such as from rabbits or moles, to prevent someone from a fall and subsequent injury.

Keep Up with Repairs  

Don’t allow your exteriors to become shoddy or ill-repaired. Always keep driveways, parking lots, and walkways in good, if not pristine, condition. Replace bricks, stones, or tiles that become broken right away. Replace any rotted wood, bad boards, or crumbling cement, too.

Tackle Slippery Surfaces  

Tackle surfaces that have the potential to be slippery in wet or humid conditions. Remove autumn leaves, ice, snow, spring pollen, and water as soon as you can. always Use signs to warn pedestrians to cross with care but always keep your surfaces maintained and clear of any debris.

Clear the Paths and Walkways  

Walkways are an important element of your business’ foot-traffic; how important are these customers or clients to you? Keep entrances, walkways, and sidewalks clear from anything that could prove to be an obstacle or potential hurdle. Keep foliage trimmed and pruned; replace and level gravel or stone when using this for your surfaces.

Keep your property safe for pedestrians. Talk to Carolina Services Grounds Division, a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC, to learn more about maintaining safety in your landscape.