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7 Landscape Design Tips to Enhance Building Safety

7 Landscape Design Tips to Enhance Building Safety

While curb appeal is a big motivator when landscaping a commercial or residential property, some landscape design tactics are geared toward increasing building safety. Talk to a landscape design company in the area to enhance the appearance and to put your patrons’ and guests’ safety first.


These seven landscape design tips can make your building a safer place to be:


Guide your guests and visitors.

Deliberate and well-planned landscaping can help to control where people go when visiting your property. Borders, hedges, and features can also serve to direct traffic, preventing congestion and improper parking when visitors come to your establishment. Landscape design experts are able to achieve this with clever configurations, unique gardens, and thoughtful planting, adding and enhancing your current curb appeal.


Invest in lighting.

Proper lighting for dark or dim spaces is always a good investment to keep people safe on your property. Talk to designers about cohesive fixtures that will meld with your landscaping, and to find the most energy-efficient options.


Hardscapes help prevent falls.

Hardscapes, such as pavement and paths, provide sturdy, level surfaces for your visitors. Patios and walkways can prevent slips, accidents, and injuries that may come from a rocky, uneven, or soft terrain.


Help spring and storm run-off.

Run-off can be an issue in the south during rainy season; the excess water can wreak havoc on gardens, foundations, and even your septic system. The right landscaping can provide adequate leeching for the water to gradually be absorbed back into the soil.


Give guests a place to be.

Create guest areas for waiting or relaxing when visiting your property. Consider features such as a patio, lawn furniture, and gardens that can serve as a space for your patrons. Make sure to provide some sort of shelter or cover, such as a pergola or awning, for inclement conditions.


Reduce the risk of fire.

Keeping trees trimmed and grass cut also reduces the risk of a fire in your yard or greenspace. Get rid of debris, foliage, and overgrowth that could become combustible in certain situations.


Curb crime by trimming trees.

Some businesses and homeowners see a correlation between keeping their exteriors maintained and less crime in their community. This may be due to the increased exposure provided when keeping trees, hedges, and shrubbery trimmed to deter trespassing.


Making your building safer for prospective patrons should be a priority; talk to a commercial landscaping and ground services company in Charleston for more tips on enhancing your Carolinian property. Let the professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., strategize and suggest landscaping tactics today that will preserve and protect your investment tomorrow!