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A Well-Maintained Landscape that Showcases a Property Really Pays Off

A Well-Maintained Landscape that Showcases a Property Really Pays Off

Don’t overlook your commercial property’s curb appeal; a well-maintained exterior can do a lot for your company’s bottom-line. When planning expenses for advertising and capturing new business, know that an attractive façade and meticulous landscape can go a long-way.

A well-maintained commercial landscape pays off in a variety of ways:

Captures attention.

Practical and thoughtful commercial landscaping enhances property value; plant trees and maintain what you plant to ensure your curb appeal is top-notch. You don’t want potential visitors to pass you by due to an unruly, unkempt, or unwelcoming façade.

Impresses visitors.

Well-maintained landscaping impresses customers and attains a positive initial impression among first-time visitors. This includes features such as clear signage, mowed grass, trimmed-trees, and seasonal displays that invite and entice prospective visitors, clients, and consumers.

Creates a sanctuary.

Create a greenspace that provides a sanctuary for staff and customers. This might be simple outdoor furniture on a paving-stone patio, or it could be a spot to sit near a water feature or fountain. Use flora and foliage to create quiet spaces for employees to sit, eat lunch, or to unwind during a break from the job.

Enhances your signage.

A great-looking landscape makes your company signage look even better! The key is to border, surround, and highlight the sign without overpowering it. If prospective customers can’t see your sign clearly, they may simply pass your company by and visit a competitor.

Demonstrates sustainability.

Contribute in a positive way to sustainability and stewardship through native plants, natural irrigation systems, and recycled materials, like bark mulch. This demonstrates a conscience toward reducing the carbon footprint left behind, which is beneficial for the entire population; plus, it could appeal to clients that also value an eco-friendly attitude.

Reduces pests.

Did you know that a well-maintained property deters and reduces pests? If you live in the Carolinas, you know that the hot, humid climate fosters insects, rodents, and even reptiles. Keeping grass mowed, trees trimmed, and debris cleared makes your greenspaces a lot less appealing to any of these unwanted visitors, which is a positive step toward preventing incidental infestations in this region.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to attract and pique the attention of potential customers; use your commercial landscape design to exude a positive image and welcoming atmosphere for those visiting your establishment. Consider money spent on improving problem areas and enhancing overall curb appeal as a pragmatic investment in your company and the cost of doing business.

Regular landscape maintenance requires commitment and time; if you are too busy to maintain your business’ exteriors, talk to a professional landscape company near Charleston, Carolina Services Grounds Division, for estimates, consultation, and services related to keeping your company’s landscape looking its best. Reap the rewards of a well-maintained property!