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Adding Trees to Your Commercial Landscaping Design

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One look outside and you can tell that spring is here.  Apart from the pollen cyclones that are ripping through your driveway, trees and plants are putting out buds that indicate that serious growth is happening.  So, naturally, now is a great time to begin planting any flowers and trees that you have been wanting to put in your commercial landscaping design.  But before you go out and plant a tree in your space, it is worth considering a few points to ensure picking the right tree and the right spot.

The first decision that you have to make about any potential tree choice is its purpose.  Begin by asking yourself what you want the tree to do.  Do you want the tree to have an appealing aesthetic or is it primarily for shade?  Once you have figured out what exactly you want out of your tree you will be able to decide what type of tree to begin looking at.  If you are wanting a tree that is visually appealing then you may look at a Crepe Myrtle, Chinese Fringe or Dogwood tree.  If you are looking for a tree that provides you with ample shade then you may consider the Oak, the Chines Elm or the Sweetgum.  As a side note, it is always critical to verify that the tree you are going to select will work in the hardiness zone that you live in.

Once you’ve decided upon your tree, then you will need to determine what area of the space you will plant it in.  One of the most common mistakes is planting a tree too close to the building or too close to another tree.  One way to prevent your tree outgrowing its space is to consider the height and spread common to that specific type.  Finally, you want to be aware of any power lines that may be on your property.  Planting a tree underneath or near a power line could eventually result in it having to be trimmed or removed in order to not interfere.

Trees are great inclusions for commercial spaces as they offer height to your design and can also provide shade for outdoor seating areas as well as in front of windows to help provide cooler indoor seating in glass areas. If you are interested in revamping your commercial landscaping design, contact the experts at Carolina Services Landscaping to get started.

Carolina Services Landscaping is a leading provider of commercial landscapes in Charleston, SC and throughout the Lowcountry. We are a full service landscaping company offering design, build and maintenance services with dedication and attention to detail, quality workmanship, qualified personnel and exceptional value. We partner with corporations, churches, government entities, small business and other organizations and provide an aesthetically pleasing environment that is second to none.

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