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Award Winning Commercial Landscapes All Share These Five Design Elements

By October 16, 2018October 18th, 2018Commercial Landscaping
Award Winning Commercial Landscapes All Share These Five Design Elements

Could your commercial landscape benefit from some design changes? Take note of other landscapes and exteriors in your region; what do they have that you do not? When it comes to effectively creating a pleasing and customer-friendly greenspace, take some tips from lush landscapes and polished properties in the region.

Award-winning commercial landscapes all share these five design elements:


A top-notch landscape is inviting and accommodating, with outdoor spaces to accommodate customers, clients, and colleagues. Guide guests with features like benches when you want them to linger; if you want to move visitors quickly through the space, implement pathways and signage.


Another feature of an award-winning landscape is the maintenance; is it neat and well-cared for? Don’t take on features, gardens, and plants that will require more maintenance than you can facilitate. Hire a landscape design crew to sustain your exteriors or keep things simple and low-maintenance.


Keep your landscape features the right scale for your building; that is, don’t let your primary structure be overwhelmed by large trees that can hide or obscure your entrance. However, you also want to choose plants and seedlings that won’t be dwarfed by other features on the property. These factors impact your overall curb appeal as well as affect the first-impression that you make on prospective clients and visitors.


High-quality commercial landscapes demonstrate stewardship and attention to the carbon footprint that they leave behind. You can do your part through careful selection of plants, utilization of natural irrigation techniques, and use of recyclable materials, such as mulch. These simple strategies also make business-sense as they could attract your potential customers that are also concerned and conscientious about the environment.


If you want to enhance and improve your landscaping, make sure that it is cohesive and complements the purpose of the building. If you are open to the public, make sure to warm-up your curb appeal with flowers, beds, and borders; if efficient service is key, invest in manicured driveways and footpaths for traffic.

Remember that your company’s landscape is the first thing that potential customers and prospective patrons notice about your business. Make sure that it evokes a positive impression; use these five design elements to develop your own commercial landscape that is worthy of an award!

Make changes to your commercial landscape that can increase business and improve the flow of traffic through your property. When you are ready to optimize your company’s greenspace, talk to the experts at  Carolina Services Grounds Division, a commercial landscaping and ground services Company in Charleston, with distinctive expertise in maximizing the potential of commercial landscapes in the region. Make sure that your exteriors accurately convey and complement the nature of your business, and show the care and attention that you have paid.