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Back to the Basics of Landscape Design

By October 15, 2020October 16th, 2020Landscaping Tips

When it comes to the basics of commercial landscape design, function is as important as appearance. Commercial landscape design needs to be particularly thoughtful with attention paid to purpose, convenience, and pragmatism. Think about what will make your client, customer, or guest experience better related to the landscape and exterior of your establishment, and work with a reputable landscape professional in the region to bring it to life.

Consider these basics of commercial landscape design:

Make an Impression

Make a positive and lasting impression on your clientele with the right landscape design. Share what you do with the curb appeal that you present to the world; for instance, if you operate a spa, create a soothing, organic landscape around your building. If you want to attract the right customer, convey an accurate message to those passing-by of who you are and what you offer.

Welcome Others to Your Space

Make sure that your landscape design will attract people to your space or business. Provide paths to welcome them in and benches if you want them to sit and enjoy the landscape for a bit. Cold or uninviting landscape design may deter foot traffic; is that what you want?

Encourage People to Stay

Let people that visit stay a little longer with the things that they need via your landscape design. For instance, create a hospitable outdoor space for seating, gatherings, or even art and features to capture their attention and extend their stay. Beautiful garden beds, precise borders, and soothing water fountains can entice and keep guests on-site, longer.

Guide Guests and Visitors

Your landscape design is the perfect opportunity to create a clear direction to visitors regarding the flow of traffic, parking, and where to enter your premise. Highlight the main entry or lobby with plants, signage, and a well-maintained path. Block areas that you do not want accessible with natural features like trees, arbors, or hardscapes. Brick and stone are another effective way at creating a linear boundary for guests to follow when visiting your property. Talk to a landscape professional to learn more tactics for guiding your guests efficiently through your space.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Reduce the carbon footprint that your company leaves behind by designing a landscape that is conscientious and sustainable. Make the effort to conserve water and energy in your designs- as well as in the plant choices that you make.  Some suggestions include choosing hardy native plants and configuring the landscape to provide a wind-block or sunshade for your building.

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