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Benefits of Lawn Striping for your Business

Pretty lawn striping green grass professional curb appeal

Ever been by a neighbor’s or business landscape and seen the aesthetically appealing stripes cut into the grass? Lawn striping is nothing new and it is a popular way to maintain a lawn- kind of like a baseball or athletic field. Plus, the options do not stop there. In addition to lawn striping, you can choose arches, curves, flags, and checkerboard patterns to make your business stand out and draws the attention of potential customers. It showcases a lush, healthy lawn- and it is easier to achieve than you may believe.  

Here is what you should know:  

Lawn Striping: What Is It? 

Lawn stripes require a skillful cut and the ability to bend the blades of grass in a certain direction with your lawnmower. The way that you cut and the blade that you use allow light to reflect, resulting in the pattern that is seen by passers-by. When you bend blades of grass away from you, they appear lighter in the sunlight; when they are bent facing your direction, they appear to be darker in color. An experienced lawn and landscape contractor will know this.  

Benefits of Lawn Striping 

So, what are the perks of lawn striping? Why bother? There are many reasons, including the way that it looks. Prospective customers and clients will appreciate the attention that you pay to such details. Furthermore, this lawn striping practice promotes a lush and healthy lawn. It prevents the brown spots and ruts that can occur from mowing the same way all the time. It gives the grass equal exposure and opportunity to get some sunlight, making it a lot healthier all over. Think of how you would turn and rotate house plants to allow them all ample light- this is the same way that it works with your lawn.  

Experts indicate that you should change-up the pattern or striping of your lawn to maintain the dramatic appearance and noticeable pattern. Also, landscapers will tell you that this is not as effective when you mow in rainy or wet weather- it is not the same result- and can make your lawn look flat or matted instead.   

Lawn Striping Tips and Tricks 

There are tips that make achieving stripes on the lawn more feasible. Some of these tips include: 

  • Lawn striping is more effective in the cooler months, rather than the hottest parts of summer.  
  • Native lawns consisting of fescue, rye, or bluegrass seem to stripe the best, though it is possible with other grasses, like Bermuda grass.  
  • Mow in straight, parallel lines for optimal results.  
  • Maintain a line of vision about ten feet ahead when mowing.  
  • Always lift the mower deck as you turn, and mow in the opposite way that you did during the last mowing pass.  
  • Try to strive for fall grass heights of no more than three inches, while in the summer, a bit more length protects against heat and summer dry spots, ideally around three and a half inches.   

Talk to a Commercial Lawn Pro 

Sure, laymen can learn to stripe a lawn, but it takes time and practice. As a business owner, do you really want to mow your own grass? Try hiring a landscaper with experience to ensure your lawn achieves the desired effect. If you insist on doing it yourself, know that it may not be perfect the first time. You will need to practice, and the lawn needs some degree of training to stripe. Want immediate satisfaction with your lawn? Hire a landscaping professional that knows what they are doing. 

A great lawn offers many benefits to your business. Talk to the team at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., about lawn striping your Commercial Landscaping and grounds in Charleston, SC. Call or visit today!