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Best Perennials to Plant in Charleston

By April 15, 2020April 16th, 2020Landscaping Tips

If you live in the southeastern United States and are looking for low-maintenance landscapes, you can’t go wrong with perennials; perennials make it easy to have year-round color without a lot of work.

Some of the best perennials to plant in Charleston- and the Lowcountry- are:

Obedient Plant

If you are looking for a fast-growing cover that has unique blooms, Obedient plant may be perfect for your landscape. The flowers resemble snapdragons, and bloom in late summer months. This plant is a native species that is easy to grow, without a lot of work. Since they do spread quickly, make sure that you provide it with plenty of space in a partly shady spot with moist soil conditions. Plan on this plant reaching heights of four-feet tall and adding a pop of pink, fuchsia, and purple to your property.

Yellow-Flag Iris

If you want results fast, plant Yellow-Flag Iris in your landscape. This plant is hardy and a vigorous grower when you plant it near water, like a pond or pool. It has yellow flowers that bloom in the springtime, while its lush green foliage adds color year-round. The Yellow-Flag Iris likes partly sunny conditions, moist soil, and plenty of room to allow for a couple-feet of spread when mature. Know that this perennial can grow around five-foot in height.


Canna brings a tropical flavor to your landscape, gardens, and beds. This lauds large leaves and foliage that includes intricate flowers with little effort and maintenance. Some varieties of Canna have variegated leaves that are distinctive in the summer. Plant Canna in full sun with good drainage. These perennials can be large, around two-feet wide and up to seven-feet tall!

Southern Shield Fern

Got a shade problem on your property? No worry- plant Southern Shield Fern! Ferns bring a beauty that makes the landscape lush and rich, without flowers or blossoms. This particular fern works well in woody areas or rural properties with moist soil and not a lot of sun. Plan on these ferns expanding to around three-feet wide and two-feet tall when mature. Many landscapers choose to pair this fern with Hostas, for a unique and captivating display that is easy to care for.


Make things easy on yourself with Ajuga in your landscape or yard this year. Ajuga is a colorful cover that works well in shady spots. In the warmer months, enjoy the blue blooms and in cooler months, the autumnal hues of red, brown, and gold are more prevalent. Plant Ajuga in well-drained soil with plenty of space for its size; Ajuga often grows three-feet wide though it is only a few inches tall.  

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