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Bring Some Color to Winter Landscapes and Yards

Don’t let your landscape turn drab and dull when the temperatures dip. There are many options and ideas to help bring spots of color to an otherwise lackluster, cold weather greenspace. Plan-ahead and purposefully implement features and plants that will bring winter color to your property and curb appeal.

Here are some ways to add color to your winter landscaping:

Choose Winter Flowers

Did you know that there are blooming winter flowers that you can plant for color during colder seasons? Christmas roses are one example; these plants love the shade and bloom beautiful red, pink, white, and purple flowers. Border your yard or plant beds of colorful pansies, which last well into winter and that become dormant during the cold and rebloom in spring.

Opt for Aromatics

If your yard is looking drab, go for something aromatic and fragrant. Choose Daphne flowers, which smell amazing, and that feature small pink or lavender blossoms in winter months. Or, go with the fresh scent of jasmine which yields yellow flowers during colder months through spring.

Think About Berries

Winter really showcases berry plants, like Holly or other evergreens. Hollies feature bright red or gold berries that brighten up a winter landscape. Dwarf evergreens are great for containers near your front door and feature a wide range of colored berries that bloom in winter. Talk to your landscape professional to learn more.

Consider Cabbage and Kale

Have you thought about ornamental cabbages or kale? These annuals love cold weather and bring lovely green, purple, white, and pink to your landscape. Watch how the colors intensify after the first frost, too!

Seek Stems and Stalks with Color

Choose plants and options that have colorful stems, like ‘arctic fire’ shrubbery, in this climate. These dwarf shrubs have bright red stems that are quite captivating against the dull backdrop of winter- especially if there is a dusting of snow! Keep these pruned at least every other year to promote new growth and vibrant color.

Plant Bulbs

Bulbs are a smart way to enjoy a pop of color during dreary wintry months. Snowdrops and winter aconite are both cold-season bloomers, displaying beautiful flowers of white or yellow.

Feed the Birds

Think about the joy that birds can bring to your backyard and greenspaces; plant things that invite them to your property. Birds enjoy berry plants as well as any feeders with sunflower seeds or thistle that you care to hang. Also, leave some fresh water available close-by, such as a birdbath or fountain.

Want to bring some winter color to your landscaping? Talk to a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC, at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., to learn more and enhance your property’s curb appeal!