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Are You Budgeting Enough to Properly Maintain Your Landscape? 

Are You Budgeting Enough to Properly Maintain Your Landscape? 

Don’t fall in the trap of minimizing costs when Budgeting Landscape expenses for the year. Short-changing your landscaping allotment could cost you far more in the long-run.

Are you budgeting enough to properly care and maintain your landscape?

Don’t Underestimate Routine Costs

Think about it: there is a lot to your standard and routine landscaping. From tree-trimming to mowing and planting to lighting, make sure that you allot enough to cover the day-to-day needs that could impact your overall curb appeal. Also, take a realistic look at the size of your property, the climate, and your existing landscape features to make an honest assessment of the time needed to keep your property pristine.

Make Annual Improvements

Don’t forget about those expenses that crop-up every year, like removing trees, replacing plants, mulching beds, and laying lime.  Take stock of your property and enlist the help of a professional landscape contractor to determine what you need for annual maintenance tasks. Also, add a buffer to your budget for annual repairs that could emerge over the course of the year. This could involve repairing a walkway or replacing signage.

Think About the Future

You don’t just want to maintain your landscape, you want to build something that is sustainable and evolving. The typical landscape foliage and flora lasts around ten-years; know that things require replanting or replacing and put it in your long-term budget. Also, don’t make common budgeting mistakes, like overlooking emergency expenditures such as an upgraded irrigation system.

Spend Now to Save Later

Don’t cut corners to curb costs during this fiscal year; think pragmatically and make purchases and decisions that will be effective and cost-efficient over the course of time. Improve your property in ways now that will improve the valuation of it later, such as planting trees or adding a deck or outbuilding.  Strive to continuously enhance your property in some way, year after year.

Collaborate with Professionals

It certainly makes the most sense to engage your landscape contractor in your plans and preparation of a landscape budget. They will be most equipped to provide specific estimates, quotes, and insight into what maintaining your landscape involves. Plus, they may be able to offer cost-cutting solutions or state-of-the-art features to make your property distinct.

Learn from past budgeting mistakes and expect issues or expenses to happen; be realistic in budgeting and work with a commercial landscaping and ground services company in Charleston that is trusted, reliable, and inventive.

When you are ready to tackle your landscape maintenance budget, talk to the professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., in Charleston. This commercial landscaping and grounds service provider has expertise working with commercial clients and experience working in the Carolinian climate – call them today!