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Business Landscaping Trends for 2018 That Will Make You Smile

Business Landscaping Trends

Does the exterior of your building make you smile? If your landscaping could use a little work- particularly during the cooler months- reach out for some assistance with a commercial landscaping and ground service company near Charleston. These experts will be able to guide you with some ideas, innovations, and trends that can elevate the curb appeal of your property.

You- and your patrons- will smile at these 2018 business landscaping trends:

Safety first.

Start the new year out right by putting safety first at your business, company, or venue. Keep customers, clients, and patrons safe from a nasty fall or accidental injury with features that protect them when visiting your establishment. This includes things like snow or ice removal when necessary, adequate lighting, and the removal of obstacles that could be in your patrons’ path outside your business.

Cool cohesion.

Create cool cohesion between your landscaping and your business’ curb appeal. Mimic color schemes, logos, or design styles with clever outdoor signage, gardens, or yard-art. Talk with area landscape professionals for some inventive ideas to bring customers in your door.

Easy maintenance.

Keeping things simple and stress-free never goes out of style, so keep your business’ exteriors low-maintenance and easy to keep-up. For instance, instead of investing in turf or pavement, use easy-to-grow ground cover and skip the routine mowing or concrete repairs.

Conversation space.

Another hot trend is to cater to your clients with an outdoor space for them to use and enjoy. Consider creating a patio with comfortable seating, and gardens that provide respite and a bit of natural allure. Some patrons may linger or sit before visiting your venue, or this could be the feature that coaxes them into your establishment.

Lavish lighting.

As mentioned, lighting is a big part of keeping your guests and visitors safe, but it also provides an opportunity to showcase your products, wares, or services. Invest in ambient lighting, as well as track or task lights to highlight your indoor and outdoor displays. Use a dedicated light fixture outside to spotlight a focal point on the property, such as your sign

Color longevity.

Color is trending this year, so make sure you have plenty of it outside your business to capture customers’ attention. Opt for year-round options that are cold hardy in the South Carolina climate. Camellias are a good choice, providing year-round color and growing to create privacy hedges and shrubbery that will enhance your exteriors.

Do something with your company’s exteriors that will make your customers smile; consider hiring a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston to bring some of 2018’s landscape trends to life on your property. Use these tips to guide a transformation, which can increase business, potential revenues, and value of your business!