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Caring for Your Commercial Landscape in Cold Weather

By December 15, 2021March 15th, 2022Commercial Landscaping
wooden thermometer outside temperature in the background snowdrops

Sizable drops in temperature during wintertime can wreak havoc on your landscaping, and it helps to know some tips when it comes to cold-weather maintenance. You want your commercial property to look its best all year long, and that might mean the landscape needs some tender loving care during cold weather.

1. Wrap Delicate Plants in Burlap

Some of your shrubs and plants might need to be wrapped up gently in a burlap hug. Charleston average wintertime lows can be in the low 40s but can dip below that. This is too chilly for many forms of greenery. Usually, hearty plants can be surprised by a sudden cold snap, and you could lose them by morning.

2. Be Sure to Mulch

Another way to make sure your plants and trees stay toasty during wintertime is to layer the surrounding ground with a blanket of mulch. This will hold in the warmth and make them forget about the cold weather. Your commercial property will continue to look inviting to customers with the right maintenance throughout the year.

3. Know Your Zone Number

Knowing your hardiness zone will help know what plants, flowers, and trees will thrive. Your landscape company will be able to guide you in choosing suitable plants, but it helps to know your zone so you can narrow your choices down. Having your commercial property landscaping done in plants that are not best suited for your zone could mean you lose much of your greenery during the wintertime.

South Carolina’s hardiness zones are 5 through 8. Be prepared to treat out-of-zone plants and trees with extra special care.

4. Plant Bushes, Trees, and Flowers That Thrive in Wintertime

Some flora and fauna are best suited for the colder months. Talk to your landscape company about your choices and the possibility of planting some cold-weather plants and trees. These will not need as much, if any, special care that the rest of your commercial property landscaping needs. A little cold weather maintenance can have your property looking as attractive as ever when springtime comes. Sage is lovely all year long, and winter honeysuckle might be a perfect cold-weather choice with its color and fragrance.

5. Prune and Deadhead

Wintertime is a good time to get rid of dead branches to allow for new growth. Deadheading is cutting off flowers that have bloomed and died but have not totally gone away. If you haven’t already had your flower beds deadheaded, now is a good time. This makes it possible for more luscious blooming in the spring.

When it comes to maintaining an attractive landscape for your commercial property, you need a professional you can trust. Carolina Services Grounds Division specializes in keeping your commercial property looking pristine at all times during the year. Our team offers professional cold-weather maintenance to ensure your landscape stays healthy until wintertime passes. Contact us today!