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Is your Irrigation System Breaking the Bank?

By Commercial Landscaping, Community Landscaping, Gardening, Landscaping Tips

You could be losing more than money with sub-par irrigation systems;  your landscaping and property could be suffering, too. Particularly for those living and working in tropical climates, your irrigation system is key in distributing water throughout the landscape and ensuring plants, grass, and foliage do not wither and die. After all, plants need water to…

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Growing Herbs Year Round

By Gardening

Bring the taste of summer to your kitchen with fresh herbs that you can grow year-round! Consider perennial herb varieties that will come back each spring, yielding herbs until the frost. Herbs are easy to grow and require little care to thrive; plus, you can enjoy a potted herb garden in your kitchen or sunny window year-round,…

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To Rake or Not to Rake

By Gardening, Landscaping Tips

One of the most labor-intensive landscaping chores has to be raking leaves; so, why do it? Many landowners feel that raking prevents their lawns or turf from being smothered, which could cause discoloration and failure to thrive later on. Where do these leaves go after they are raked? In most cases, leaves end up in trash…

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