Landscaping Tips

Is your Irrigation System Breaking the Bank?

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You could be losing more than money with sub-par irrigation systems;  your landscaping and property could be suffering, too. Particularly for those living and working in tropical climates, your irrigation system is key in distributing water throughout the landscape and ensuring plants, grass, and foliage do not wither and die. After all, plants need water to…

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How A Landscaped Parking Lot Can Help Your Business

By | Commercial Landscaping, Landscaping Tips

If you think that professional landscaping is not something your business needs, think again. In fact, office landscaping strongly contributes to the strong first impression that prospective customers and buyers have of your property- while also creating a more pleasant, productive, and safe environment for all who work or visit here. Can a landscaped parking lot help…

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Monthly Landscape Ideas and Maintenance

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Keeping your lawn and landscaping looking great year-round requires maintenance, and it can seem a bit overwhelming when you think about it year-in, year out. Before you begin to think about plants, gardens, and displays for summer, take time to maintain your greenspace for whatever you plant or do. Breaking down landscaping chores by month can make…

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Isn’t All Landscaping Green?

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Just because you maintain a garden or landscape does not mean it is eco-friendly; in fact, many are turning to green landscaping practices to save water, energy, and the carbon footprint that is left behind. Some other advantages of maintaining a Green Landscape include a reduction in pollution and a healthy outdoor space for family, staff, and…

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