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Landscaping Tips

A landscaper working outside with sustainable landscaping practices.

What to Know About Sustainable Landscaping

By Landscaping Tips

Climate change and sustainable environmental practices have become increasingly prominent topics in the public square. Sustainable landscaping, both for residential and commercial purposes, is an important part of those conversations.  What is Sustainable Landscaping  Sustainable landscaping includes strategies and practices that are used to conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and reduce water runoff. It…

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Carolina Grounds Landscaping Holiday Landscaping Tips

5 Holiday Landscaping Tips for Your Commercial Spaces

By Commercial Landscaping, Landscaping Tips

The holidays are fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to add some festive touches to your commercial landscaping. A professional landscaping company like Carolina Grounds Landscaping can implement these holiday landscaping tips that are sure to impress your customers and employees: You Can Never Go Wrong With Holiday Lights The first, and certainly…

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fall maintenance checklist

Fall Maintenance Checklist for Landscaping Your Commercial Properties

By Commercial Landscaping, Landscaping Tips

As a business owner, you know how essential it is to maintain the property’s commercial landscaping to improve your curb appeal and make a good impression. One way to do this is to create a fall maintenance checklist to follow each year. Here’s our fall maintenance checklist for outdoor landscaping: Gather Leaves and Replace Mulch…

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