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Is Your landscaping out of date?

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Is your landscape out of date? The truth is, many homeowners and businesses suffer from outdated landscaping, due to many reasons. The good news is that it is easy to restore and bring your landscaping up to date and current. The best way to approach a landscape renovation is with a landscape professional who will…

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flowers with frost

How to keep plants safe in Cold Weather

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Even those living in the low country with mild temperatures and warm weather need to protect plants during the cooler winter. Carolina landscapes and gardens need protection from the often-unpredictable winters in order to survive and thrive another season.   Here are some tips to protect your plants, regardless of where you live: Wrap Trees Use…

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4 Ways that Mulch Protects Your Property's Landscape Investment

4 Ways that Mulch Protects Your Property’s Landscape Investment

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Mulch is a fantastic and multi-purpose tool for your yard, garden, and landscape. First of all, it is inexpensive and eco-friendly, which makes it perfect for any greenspace, but there are many other compelling reasons to mulch. Four ways that mulch helps to protect your property and landscape are: Plant Nourishment Mulching your gardens and…

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