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Commercial Landscape Trends You Should Consider

Commercial Landscape Trends You Should Consider

If you want to continue to build your business and the clientele you serve, pay attention to your company’s curb appeal. It is necessary to maintain a professional, but welcoming facade for patrons, visitors, and potential customers when relying on making a lasting favorable impression. One way to preserve and promote your company’s curb appeal is through landscaping; talk to a commercial landscaper and consider some hot landscape trends that could entice new consumers to visit your place of business.

Some commercial landscape trends that you should consider for your company include:


The first big trend seen in commercial landscapes is one geared toward creating an experience for the viewer, customer, or visitor. These experiential spaces may contain sitting areas, water features, or even wildlife to entice and invite attention to the space. Whether you implement a beautiful garden space with benches or a simple picnic table near your parking lot, providing an experience to prospective patrons can yield positive results for your business.


It is also prudent to consider your company’s carbon footprint when designing and implementing landscape schemes. Go with eco-friendly options, such as native plants that are drought-resistant, to curb the energy used by your greenspace. Use recycled materials, like mulch and compost, to maintain your landscape or work with a landscaping professional that has an eco-friendly outlook. Many customers will take notice of a sustainable landscape design and respect you for it.


There is a new evolution toward landscape designs that involve technology, such as lighting features or Wi-Fi compatibility. A high-tech landscape could be ideal for a business that relies on an online consumer base or that offers a service, product, or provision related to the electronics industry. At the very least, utilize technology-inspired lighting systems to illuminate your pathways, walks, and door, particularly after dark, for consumer safety.


If you want a low-maintenance landscape or if you simply lack greenspace, look more closely at hardscapes; hardscapes are non-living features, such as retaining walls, patios, stone, and features that won’t require you to mow or water. Pay attention to unique hardscape applications for your parking lot or drive, which could reinforce and enhance your landscaping and curb appeal combine living and non-living elements for visual interest.


Don’t be afraid to put some color and vibrancy into your commercial landscapes; after all, this helps create visual interest, which could compel some to come into your establishment. Highlight any signage with tiered rows of plants that vary in height for a cohesive frame. Also, look at perennials for long-lasting color that typically bloom from spring until the first-frost, in the southern United States.

Talk to a commercial landscaping and ground services company near Charleston, about applying these trends to your company’s greenspace. Enlist the expertise of Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., to determine ways to bring new interest to your property, while also maintaining a facade that current customers, colleagues, and neighbors find appealing.