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Commercial Landscaping Ideas to Boost Curb Appeal

Commercial Landscaping Ideas to Boost Curb Appeal

Commercial landscaping is a great way for your business to make a memorable first impression and can even create a better working environment for your employees in the process.

Aesthetic Advantages

Using commercial landscaping to boost your curb appeal will create a valuable and attractive area that people will be drawn to.  If the outside of your business looks good and well cared for, then people will know that you are prone to paying attention to detail and care about the inner workings of the business just as much as you do the outside of the building. You are making an impression to peers and customers that says you are proactive and care about the space you are surrounding yourself with. You are offering potential customers the assurance that you care and are willing to go the extra mile.


While aesthetics play a significant role in commercial landscaping, it can also be eco-friendly. It shows that your company cares about the environment and you are going green in a way that demonstrates that you care about health.

Landscaping can also reduce the risk of flooding and can even help to control temperatures on the property. The property can stay cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters and evaporation and soil degradation may be reduced.

Landscaping can also capture dust and even smoke particles from the air while producing much-needed oxygen. It is an important component of the environment and should not be overlooked.

Increase Productivity

Commercial landscaping can also help improve the productivity and morale of your employees. Looking out the windows and seeing beautiful trees and plants around the building can go a long way in reducing the employee’s stress levels and can even help lower blood pressure.

Landscaping can also help improve employees’ attention and memory by improving their quality of life while at work. These elements all combine to create a happier and more productive work environment in which employees can thrive.

Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

There are several ways in which a company can use commercial landscaping to improve their curb appeal. One is by enhancing and improving the entrance to the business. Creating an inviting entryway with a path lined with flowers or even including pavers such as bricks or stones can create a more enticing environment that is welcoming to customers.

You can also use commercial landscaping to create a focal point for the business that will catch people’s attention. You want to maintain a composed and well-constructed area to draw people in. You do not want to overpopulate the area with bulky distractions that can present an eye sore and deter people from entering.

Using different colors and textures in your commercial landscaping plan can also add appeal, and introducing a splash of color will add more interest in the space. If you have a smaller property then using smaller trees and shrubs would be ideal, however, taller trees and shrubs will maintain composition and symmetry around a larger building.

Finally, creating a lighted walkway is also an inventive landscaping idea that will boost your curb appeal, and you can even use the lighting fixtures to enhance areas of your landscaping that you want to showcase. The property will look appealing both during the day and at night.


Commercial landscaping will require more maintenance than residential landscaping, and this should be a focus and consideration when choosing the elements you want to include in your design. You will want to choose plants that are native to the area and can thrive in the environment that they will be placed in. If the plants are unable to adapt to the surroundings and the environment, then they can end up costing you more in the long run when they have to be removed and eventually replaced.

You want to create a design that is both appealing and functional and one that can be taken care of without using too many resources. Commercial landscaping is a big investment in the business and should be viewed as such. It is a way to attract potential customers and create a good first impression. As long as you feel your current property management team is up to the task of keeping up and caring for your new commercial landscaping, then you are protecting your investment.

It is recommended that you get feedback and advice from both your property management team as well as your local nursery or garden center so you can find the perfect additions that will fair the best in the environment and will provide improved curb appeal for your business.