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Communication with Your HOA is Key to Improve Common Area Landscaping

Common Area Landscaping

Got concerns about your housing development or property’s landscaping? In many instances, this is something to bring up with the Homeowners’ Association, or HOA, and relevant decisions often fall to a board, committee, or panel to assess. When it comes to contributing ideas, providing input, or fostering change, communication is key to moving the wheels of progress along.

Some tips for productive communication with your HOA regarding common area landscaping include:


Provide a way to communicate with you.

Make sure that the HOA and pertinent individuals have a way to keep you informed when meetings, votes, or discussions are planned related to your interests as a resident, including landscaping your building. Provide contact information, email address, or cell number to ensure you don’t miss out on something important.


Go to meetings.

Make sure that you attend meetings offered for homeowners and tenants, if only to stay abreast of the plans and commitments regarding landscaping. These are the times when ideas are broached, vendors are considered, and options are discussed. Be a part of planning and designing common areas and green spaces in your community.


Offer ideas and solutions.

Check out what other residential landscapes near Charleston look like. Instead of living with something that is not up to par, offer ideas and solutions to make the outdoor common areas more useful and enjoyable for all who live there.


Ask specific questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions but try to make them as specific as possible. Think about what you would like to see changed about the landscape around your home, and consider what is currently being done: is there a better solution? Engage members of your community and try to think about the current landscaping from others’ point of view.


Educate yourself.

Become informed and educate yourself about the environment, the climate, and even the current contractors who maintain your property. Don’t assume that nothing is being done; communicate with the HOA and understand the situation before asserting your own ideas or feedback to the board.


Remain polite and professional.

The wheels of progress can seem to move slowly at times, but make sure to always remain polite and professional in your calls and interactions with the HOA. Be courteous; follow up calls with emails to confirm information or schedule landscape maintenance. With professionalism, persistence, and pragmatism, you can work to change and enhance landscaping in any community!


Be part of the solution to problematic landscape issues or shoddy exteriors; consider working with your HOA to find a commercial landscaping and ground services company in the Charleston area that will enhance and improve your current property. Homeowners in the area rely on Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc. for residential and commercial landscape services that improve curb appe