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Current Landscaping Trends for Commercial Properties

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you know the impact that curb appeal can have on your bottom-line. Allure and draw customers in to your building- or guide them where they need to be- with the best landscaping trends of the year. Honestly, 2020 has been a tumultuous year- provide a stable presence in your community for your consumers with well-maintained and pleasing surroundings.

Implement these current landscaping trends on your commercial property:

Change the Symmetry

Uniformity and linear lines in the landscaping are out; unpredictable, uniquely patterned themes are more popular this year- if they are maintained and tended, not left wild or unruly. Do not worry about borders and beds; offer direction with well-placed plants or pavers but try less symmetry for a curious and cathartic space.

Add Depth and Interest

Change things up with varying heights and layers of plants in your landscaping. Step outside what you usually do and try different levels of native grasses, shrubs, and trees. Create depth but do so organically with plants that are native and common to the Carolinas. These varieties are hardy and easy to maintain, too. Less effort and more eco-awareness are the trends to follow right no

Focus on Features

Give your guests something to see and distinguish yourself with landscape fixtures that feature water. Water features- from fountains to ponds- are always a welcome sight that entices visitors and passers-by. The sound of these features can be the white noise that drowns out traffic and voices, providing a relaxing experience for your patron. Plus, there is something intriguing about a water feature in the middle of a bustling city or urban area; it brings a dramatic element to the greenspace.

Bring in Light

Lighting is key in landscaping trends being seen widely; plus, proper illumination provides security, safety, and can reduce the risk of falls or injuries. LED is the way to go, offering efficiency and low maintenance- potentially putting money back in your pocket over time. Only you know the mood that you want to create for your company: lighting can help achieve this. From illuminated signage and spotlights to lighted fountains and solar lanterns, there are numerous ways to set the mood for your patrons through your landscape lighting- before they walk in the door.

Strive to Soothe

Regardless of the type business you own, try to provide those visiting or coming to your property a little bit of peace and comfort while there. Be minimal, keep things tidy, and consider the needs or wishes of a prospective patron- as if you were in their shoes. Provide seating, direction, and visual interest for those coming into your building or space. The world outside can be hectic and harried; strive to offer a soothing, calming vibe with lovely surroundings, serene sounds, captivating foliage, or other focal points and features.

When you are ready to incorporate some fresh, new landscaping ideas and trends around your property, work with a professional and reputable Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC. Business owners and brands in the Carolinas know that they can rely on Carolina Services Grounds Division, to elevate and enhance their properties. This has been a tough year; when cutting corners and trying to save, do not compromise potential revenues by letting your landscaping go. Give your clients, customers, and visitors the warm welcome and visual beauty that they deserve with top notch landscaping services.