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Decorate your Business for the Holidays, and Spread Christmas Cheer to your Customers

Decorate your Business for the Holidays, and Spread Christmas Cheer to your Customers

Help give your customers and patrons a bit of holiday cheer with tasteful and festive décor at your place of business. Inside and out, draw visitors into your establishment with distinctive decorations, displays, and landscaping that will bring some Christmas flavor to your Charleston company.

Spread some holiday cheer to your customers with these decorating ideas:

Whimsical windows.

Your windows are likely one of the first things that customer look at when visiting your establishment, so make the most of this frontage with some whimsical window ideas. Do something festive- such as spraying them with artificial snow- which won’t prevent visibility inside your storefront or business. Consider suspending glass ornaments with ribbon from the window’s upper sill, for a subtle, yet lovely effect.

Lovely lighting.

What would the holidays be without bright and colorful lights? The key to keeping them classy is to choose a color and stick to it; multicolored lights can often come across as carnivalesque, which may not be suitable for some businesses and workplaces. Want to keep things simple? Consider hiring a holiday light professional to tastefully decorate and illuminate for you!

Antique accents.

Another way to endear your customers is with something vintage that may evoke fond memories, such as antique toys. Arrange toys, like a hobby horse, dolls, or trucks, in groupings near your front door, to greet patrons and passers-by.

A focal feature.

Another way to decorate for Christmas but keep things simple is to go with a single focal point or feature. In many cases, this could be an embellished tree; others may find that a nativity scene or sleigh outside their business is most-fitting. Choose something with wide-appeal and place it in a very prominent position so it is not missed.

Natural nostalgia.

Natural decorations have an inherent rustic charm; use wreaths, swags, and natural accents, such as baskets of pine-cones, to exude a warm, inviting air.

Make sure that you use decorations and accents that won’t pose problems in the workplace.  When planning your holiday displays:

  • Never use decorations that present safety risk, when patrons visit your establishment. Keep cords and wires tucked out of sight and away from where customers may walk or wander when visiting your business.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t overdo and risk giving off a tacky vibe.
  • Stay away from distracting accents that could be disruptive at work. Animated characters, flashing lights, or crowded spaces could all interfere with the daily routine.

Talk to your professional landscaping and ground services company in Charleston to keep your business’ exteriors tasteful and festive, as well as to plan winter foliage that will bloom in the warmer seasons to come. Try these tips to bring a distinctive and decorative touch to your store-front, office, or workplace!