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Does your Landscape Maintenance Contract Cover All Necessary Services?

Does your Landscape Maintenance Contract Cover All Necessary Services?

An important part of managing your business is maintaining and protecting the property, including your company landscaping. If you fail to preserve and pay-attention to your landscaping, you compromise your curb-appeal and risk losing potential patrons. Before you agree to arrangements with a local vendor, make sure that you read and understand the landscape maintenance contract, and that you know what you are getting.


Does your landscape maintenance contract cover what you need?


Range of service provisions

It makes the most-sense to work with a landscape professional that offers a wide-range of services, including year-round attention for your greenspaces and exteriors. If you are starting from scratch, you will have a lot of choices to make. Sit-down with a reputable ground services professional to help streamline the process and shed light on the most viable options for your property.


Some things you may need are:

  • Design assistance.
  • Installation services.
  • Lighting solutions.
  • Irrigation systems.
  • Reliable maintenance.

Consider your company’s needs when discussing contracts with landscapers in your area and ask for information and input related to referrals for other prudent services that they may not offer.


Clear cost information

Never sign a landscape maintenance contract without firm pricing information clearly stated on the document. This ensures you don’t end up paying more than you initially agreed. Also, ask the landscaper to identify what other costs could arise that may not be covered by your contract.


Tangible time-line

It is reasonable to ask for a time-frame regarding the services that the landscaper is offering. For instance, how often will the grass be mowed and on what day? When will beds be planted? These are valid questions that matter as your company’s curb appeal can impact customer traffic.


Pertinent details

Your landscaping maintenance contract should contain details for the agreed-upon work, such as how different tasks will be completed and by whom. The more ambiguous your contract is, the more chance exists for confusion or misunderstandings later. Ask the landscape company for other clients that they service so you can observe their work first-hand.


What they won’t do

Finally, make sure that you understand what isn’t covered before you sign a contract; what else are you going to need? Often ground service companies partner with or sub-contract other provisions to make sure your property is well-cared for, so ask about additional services if applicable.


If your commercial landscaping is shoddy, it can impact business; talk to a commercial landscaping and ground services company in Charleston for clear information pertaining to service provision for your greenspaces. Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., can help you make sure that your curb appeal is impeccable and that potential customers don’t pass you-by.