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Drought Resistant Plants that Thrive in Charleston

Drought resistant plants black eyed susans in Charleston

If you do business or live in the low country of the southeastern U.S., you know something about long, hot summers. You want your commercial property to have lively curb appeal, but many plants don’t survive in the heat. Drought resistant plants are the best option when landscaping in the Carolinas, but which plants will thrive?

Here are some things to know:

The Charleston Climate

The hottest time of year in the Carolinas is July, with average temperatures in Charleston, SC, around 90° Fahrenheit, though many areas away from the coast are much warmer. Perhaps the most comfortable months in this region are April and May, as well as October.

The pleasant, sunny Charleston climate is what draws people to this region. Those willing to endure the heat year-round may want to consider the efficacy of their current irrigation system for their plant’s survival during the summer months.

Drought Resistant Plants

In addition to a functional irrigation system, consider planting those things that do not require a lot of water. This makes sense in any region, and can provide a sustainable food source, too.

Some drought resistant plants that thrive in the Charleston climate include these:

  • The Black-Eyed Susan makes sense for low-country landscapes. It brings a pop of yellow to your garden, but without a lot of work. Try pairing with Zinnias for a hardy and appealing display.
  • Lantana is a prudent choice- especially if you like purple! Lantana is great, and it climbs, so it works well near fences and retaining walls. Also, it attracts butterflies to the property.
  • Aloe is always a welcome sight, and one with many practical uses. Make sure that you choose an aloe species that is drought-resistant, as there are many different kinds.
  • Blanket Flowers are pretty flowers that many people like to harvest for arrangements and bouquets. These are typically found in shades of red, yellow, and orange- plus, they do best with little maintenance and care.
  • Have you ever seen a Butterfly Bush in bloom? This shrub flowers in the summertime and requires little water. It is very alluring to butterflies when it is blossoms.
  • Catmint is tolerant and easy to grow, plus it has a very appealing scent. This is a perennial plant that yields petite purple blooms and lots of foliage. Bees love this plant!
  • Consider a Chaste Tree in your landscape. These produce purple flowers and do well in full-sun, along the coast, and are drought-resistant.
  • Coneflower is a kind of purple flowering plant that is tolerant to heat and drought-like conditions. These are easy to grow, too.

Talk to the Professionals

Do you do business in the Carolinas? Before you give up on your business’s yard or opt for hardscapes, consider drought-resistant plants. Talk to the professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc. We are a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston- with expertise in the perfect plants for your commercial property. Call or visit today!