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Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Water Features

From homes to hospitals, stores to office spaces, water can have many therapeutic and beneficial properties. If you are looking for ways to improve your property curb appeal, while attracting attention- and traffic- install and implement water features with the help of a landscaping professional.

Architectural Water Features

There are two distinct types of water features to consider: architectural and natural. Architectural water features are man-made and often replicate unique shapes, motifs, or elements. This would include interactive fountains, hardscapes, and walls of water. These are show-stoppers, though unlikely to be found in nature.

Naturalistic Water Features

By contrast, natural or naturalistic water features often mimic what you would find out in untouched natural surroundings, like lakes, ponds, streams, and waterfalls. These features bring the outside in- and are a real attraction for visitors, guests, and patrons.

Visual Interest

One of the primary reasons that business owners implement water features is aesthetics; they simply want to improve the appearance of the property and experience of the guest. The key is creating water features that seamlessly fit in, and that create cohesion. A landscape designer can help and will examine issues surrounding configuration, circulation, and functionality to find the best fit and feature for your distinct space. Contemporary buildings may be most suited to architectural style water features, while outdoor or lush landscaped areas may be more in line with naturalistic features.

Acoustic Appeal

There is a soothing effect that the sound of water can have; choose water features to bring this same appealing acoustic to your site. Make sure that you consider acoustics and whether the sound of water- like in a waterfall or fountain scenario- will impact conversations, interactions, or phone calls at work.


So, is it easy to use water features? The functionality and operation of these elements is key when choosing the water features for your spaces. Make sure to consult with OSHA guidelines regarding space requirements and drainage options when installing them in public or commercial locations.


The ability to create a sustainable water feature is another alluring aspect of installing these in your building, business, or landscape. Reclaimed water and rainwater harvesting are two options that you have when it comes to sustainability and water conservation for your features. The water is recirculated, so the only loss of water is that which is evaporated in the environment, often adding humidity to dry air.

Don’t forget that water features that attract and engage visitors, customers, or passers-by, will encourage them to return to your establishment or property. This could be good news for business owners and their bottom-line.

Want to learn more about installing water features around your property? Talk to industry professionals at a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company, Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., in Charleston SC. Call to learn more or to obtain price quotes for water features in the area.