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Essential Elements of a Charming Commercial Landscape Design

By January 15, 2018January 18th, 2018Commercial Landscaping
Essential Elements of a Charming Commercial Landscape Design

Welcome your potential patrons and customers to your business with a warm, inviting exterior. Create landscape with charm, and consumers will want to enter your establishment. Not sure how to go about implementing your landscape design? Talk with Carolina Services Grounds Division for ideas that will enhance your curb appeal and attract passers-by.

Some essential elements of creating a charming commercial landscape include these tips:

Compliment your curb appeal.

Make sure to pay attention to your basic curb appeal before implementing or installing elaborate landscape features. For instance, if your building is modern in design, opt for linear landscapes and contemporary signage to complement the curb appeal and create cohesion. Work with a professional in commercial landscaping design to elevate your existing property and make it more attractive to prospective consumers.

Guide your guests.

Invest in landscaping features that help to guide guests and consumers to your door. This includes things like pavement, paths, borders, and shrubbery- using these properly makes it easy for people to patronize your establishment. Strategically place signage on your property and landscape so it is easy to see and to aid customers coming to your business.

Keep it friendly.

Show respect to the environment by opting for eco-friendly and green features whenever possible. Choose plants that are native and that will thrive in the southeastern US climate, rather than tropical or exotic varieties that may require consistent water or care. Don’t install or invest in anything too garish, or that will create obstacles or nuisance to community neighbors.

Provide for prospective patrons.

Give guests to your business a place to sit and enjoy the South Carolina weather outside your door. Create small, intriguing gardens for something to look at while visiting your establishment. Make sure to install signage directing visitors to the parking lot, restrooms, or office space- as needed- to provide for your patrons.

Light things up.

Give your prospective customers a sense of security with adequate and alluring exterior lighting. Illuminate the walks, parking spaces, and doors so that visitors will also be safe from a nasty fall or injury. Landscape lighting can give your property a warm, welcoming appearance; talk to a professional landscape design company to determine the best approach for your buildings.

Reinforce your brand.

Talk with your landscape designer about clever ways to reinforce and replicate your brand throughout the landscape. This could involve printed pavement, stamped concrete surfaces, or topiaries on your property that mimic or reflect the nature of your business, brand, or logo.

Bring a sense of charm and character to your business with these landscaping suggestions. Patrons will notice and appreciate the effort that you put in to making them feel welcomed and wanted at your establishment. Contact a Carolina Services Grounds Division, or another company near you, for some exterior ideas that are conducive to the Carolina climate- and that are easy for you to maintain.