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Experiential Landscape Design is Popular, but is it Right for your Business?

Is Experiential Landscape Design Right for your Business?

While experiential landscape designs are not uncommon in residential properties, do they make sense for your business or commercial site? These thoughtfully constructed green-spaces typically serve many purposes, from lounging to playing, working to eating, and embody the melding of form and function. This creative efficiency could be the perfect message to send to your potential patrons and prospective clients!

How will you incorporate experiential elements into your business’ landscape design?


Create an entrance.

Create an entrance for guests and customers by adding gorgeous curb appeal with tactile features, like water fountains or potted plants. This serves to enhance the first impression for your potential customers while also clearly identifying the main door or entry to your establishment.

Make room to walk.

Concoct an experience for your visitors by adding landscaped walking paths, bike paths, or meditation spaces throughout the property. The manicured grounds will be inviting to guests and welcome them to make-use of these dedicated areas of your commercial property while waiting for appointments, shopping, or utilizing the services that your company offers.

Construct an outdoor office.

Want to take it outside? Landscape an outdoor work area, complete with tables, chairs, audio/visual systems, and lighting features. You may be surprised by how many members of your staff and team utilize and enjoy this space. Furthermore, the relaxed and comfortable vibe of bringing work outdoors could impact productivity in a positive way which can directly affect your revenues.

Give your staff some space.

Consider adding outdoor employee spaces, like gardens and eating areas, that they can enjoy during breaks or lunchtime. Being considerate of those who work for you can evoke a powerful and positive image to those that do business with you, including your customers and clients. Again, this could have a favorable affect on your company’s overall productivity as well as morale.

Think about outdoor facilities.

Explore installing an outdoor kitchen or wet bar to entertain guests, engage with clients, or hold staff gatherings. Whether you opt for a full, high-end kitchen or a basic grill and picnic space, outdoor facilities create hardscapes that improve the looks of your landscape, while also adding a lot of utility and versatility.

Don’t forget your youngest patrons.

Is your company kid-friendly? If so, add something for the kids to enjoy while the adults interact.Some ideas that fit well in any-sized outdoor space include playgrounds, swing-sets, and sandboxes, complete with lounging space for adult visitors to your establishment.

The point of experiential landscaping is to combine function and aesthetics; why wouldn’t this be an appealing approach for your company, business, or store-front? Consult with the experts at a Carolina Services Grounds Division in Charleston, to discuss ways to enhance your commercial landscape with experiential design ideas.