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Fall is a Great Time to Plan Maintenance Tasks for your Commercial Property

Fall is a Great Time to Plan Maintenance Tasks for your Commercial Property

Even when spring arrives, it is not too early to be thinking about your fall maintenance; what you plant and maintain all spring and summer dictates some level of your fall maintenance chores. Don’t create more work for yourself; think before you plant. Prudent preparation and careful planning may make things easier- all year long!

Make a Practical Plan

The first, and perhaps most important step in maintenance is a plan. If you want your property to be hardy and thrive, you will need to be realistic; how much time do you have to dedicate to your commercial landscaping? Sometimes, the most practical plan is to join forces with a landscaping professional who can help you design exteriors that work for your business, budget, and site. Make sure that you arrange regular maintenance visits throughout the warmer months and into fall to preserve and enhance your company’s curb appeal.

Lay a lot of Mulch

Mulch is inexpensive and so important for protecting your plants, trees, and beds. It not only insulates the plants, but it also preserves moisture making watering more efficient. It also prevents weeds, which can save hours of back-breaking labor. It’s one of the basics of any landscape. If that wasn’t enough, using a thick layer of mulch on your gardens and landscapes can fight against erosion.

Mulch can also add an aesthetic feature to your curb appeal. Consider using black, red, or cedar mulch to complement the fa├žade of your business building.

Prepare for Planting

Some things need to be planted in the fall, which will add to your maintenance agenda. For example, fall and winter are the best times for planting fruit trees and foliage. Before any planting occurs, get ready for it with some preparations. Weed and mow well, trim trees that could present an issue in storms, and water less frequently. Cool weather will help your plants conserve the water that they need to thrive.

Fill in with Hardscapes

For a business, hardscapes can be key in attracting customers. You can highlight features, guide visitors, and showcase signage with some simple hardscape ideas. From lighting to paving stones, paths to fountains, Hardscapes can bring a distinctive and clever touch to your commercial exteriors. Don’t forget about outdoor living spaces, seating, or benches for guests and visitors to your property; these areas may also provide a great respite for your employees and staff, too.

Don’t have the time to take care of your own fall maintenance? Make a plan with the professionals at a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC, Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc. Their team of landscaping experts will keep your property healthy and hardy, year-round.