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Fall Preparations for Lowcountry Landscapes

It is that time to start getting your yard and garden ready for cooler weather and the fall season. If you live in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, there are some distinct tasks that can make your work easier come spring- while also keeping your property pristine all winter long.

Preparing your property for the season ahead? Consider these fall plants, treatments, and tips:

Buy your Bulbs

While it is not quite time to plant bulbs, it is the time to buy them. Store them in a cool, dry place until it is time to plant later-on.

Divide Perennials

Spend some time this fall dividing your blooming perennials by whether they blossom in the spring or in the summer. This will make it easier to plan and create a colorful landscape throughout the warmer seasons.

Test the Soil

When was the last time you had your soil tested? Make autumn or fall the time that you test the soil in the beds and gardens that you plan on utilizing in spring. It will take around a week to ten days to acquire soil test results, typically, so keep that in mind.

Plan to Fertilize

After you have tested the soil, it is a great time to fertilize. Fall is also the time to fertilize your cool-season grass, to maintain it during cooler temperatures in the Lowcountry.

Aerate your Grass

Consider aerating the lawn and yard this fall. As for your warmer-weather grass, like Bermuda and St. Augustine, both popular options in this region, wait until springtime to aerate or till.

Seed the Lawn

If you live in the Carolinas and want a green lawn all year, over-seeding might be the answer. Mid-September is the time to over-seed and ryegrass is a good option for growers and gardeners.

Decrease the Watering

Fall is the time to cut back on watering your plants and beds. As the weather cools, the evaporation rate decreases which means less water is needed. Plus, this helps conserve water.

Prepare the Pond

Got a pond on your property? Many pond owners choose Fall to stock their fishing ponds. Also, if you are going to lime the bottom of your pond, do this in late Fall, ideally October through December.

Compost Leaves

Leaves can make a mess in the landscape this time of year; compost and reuse these!

Clean Up the Garden

Use Fall to clean up and weed out your garden beds. Get rid of any compromised stems and leaves to prevent disease later. Also, make this the time to plant some vegetables, like spinach and turnips, which are both planted in September for this region.

Think About Next Year

Fall is also the ideal time to plan ahead for next year. This is the perfect time to find the plants that you will want to put in- as well as which vendors and retailers offer these varieties. This can save you valuable grow time later, as many may be in high demand or short supply.

If you own a business or manage property in the Lowcountry, talk to the experts at a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company, Carolina Services Grounds Division, in Charleston, SC, to learn more. The team of landscaping professionals will assist and help you prepare for fall, while maintaining your property’s curb appeal, year-round.