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Five Fall Ideas for an Inviting Business Lawn  

Pumpkins on lawn inviting business lawn for fall

As the weather turns cooler, it is time to prepare your yard and greenspaces for winter. This includes lawns and gardens at your business or workplace, too. In fact, there are many ideas that you can implement in landscaping that will invite and attract customers, clients, and visitors during the autumnal time of year. The perks of an inviting business lawn include: 

  • Increased attention 
  • Fewer pest problems 
  • Community conversation starter 
  • Less chance of damage during wintry months 
  • Sense of communal pride 

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to draw in prospective consumers with your curb appeal. This extends to your grass and greenspace; five fall ideas for an inviting business lawn are: 

  1. Themed Displays

A compelling display can draw the eye of everyone that passes your business. Whether it is geared toward a specific holiday or sporting event, these have an allure that may increase foot traffic to your door. Plus, themed displays bring visual interest to the greenspace during a time when it may be lackluster or brown. Fall offers many potential theme ideas, from autumn leaves to Halloween- talk to a landscape design professional to find out more!  

  1. Fall Flavor

Go with some fall flavor to bring beauty to your autumn lawn. Add hay bales, pumpkins, and corn stalks for a natural, organic look to your grass and greenspace. These are easy and inexpensive to implement, without a lot of work, and they can be highlighted with warm exterior lighting for a welcoming touch. Fall- themed flair in your exteriors can set a mood and inspire your visitors.   

  1. Distinctive Doors

Don’t forget the door! Attract guests to your business with a welcoming and distinctive doorway. Consider wreaths, corn husks, and floral arrangements- but also think about the color of the door, too. Some feng shui experts suggest a bold yellow or vibrant red door to enter your establishment. Also, add some potted plants that are cold-weather tolerant and cheery signage to guide visitors who come to your door. Always make sure that your exteriors are well lit for comfort, convenience, and safety.  

  1. Healthy Turf 

Get rid of anything that could compromise your lawn, like fallen foliage, branches, and debris. Aerate the soil well in autumn, and if you notice bare spots, overseed these to maintain a lush lawn later. Mow until October but use a longer blade to prevent burnt or bare patches. Treat the grass for pests and enjoy an attractive lawn well into late fall- often right up until the frost.  

  1. Cold-Tolerant Plants

Speaking of cold-tolerant plants, make fall the time that you change-up what you have planted. Cold-resistant perennials like holly, snapdragons, and dogwood are colorful options that easily make the transition into colder temperatures. Additionally, planting cooler-weather options makes your property look well-tended and cared-for, which may be appealing to prospective customers.  

Get your lawn and landscape ready for cooler seasons with a visit from a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC. Talk to the team at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., to find out more about fall ideas for an inviting business lawn!