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Flipping Your Commercial Landscape Design Improves your Property’s Bottom Line

Flipping Your Commercial Landscape Design Improves your Property's Bottom Line

The idea of upgrading and flipping properties is nothing new and has proven to be a profitable and exciting venture for many investors. The latest trend for potential flippers is Landscape Design; the concept of working with a landscape professional to incorporate captivating exteriors and landscapes makes properties more alluring and potentially more lucrative.

Improve your commercial property’s bottom line by flipping the landscape design:

Partner Up

The first phase of your flip should be to partner up with a reputable and reliable landscape professional. Remember, this is the individual that is responsible for bringing a new appeal to the property and who is also going to bring your vision to life, so choose carefully. Make sure that your new partner understands the prime uses and purposes of the outdoor space- will customers or clients have access to the area? What about your staff? Be honest about your expectations. 

Make an Impression

Another reason to flip your landscape design is to improve an existing property’s curb appeal. Some commercial buildings overlook the importance of their exteriors and that valuable first impression that visitors, patrons, and colleagues get when visiting your site. This is also a valid first-step toward improving the value of your property- even if you are not quite ready to tackle the interior projects right now. While your goal may not be to resell or rent out the property, flipping the looks of the landscape and improving your curb appeal may attract an entirely new consumer audience.

Enhance the Value

When it comes down to it, flipping the landscape design of your property enhances the overall value of it. Make changes that are thoughtful and sensible, such as adding trees to an entrance or border. Trees are aesthetically appealing, while also helping to curb traffic noise. Furthermore, mature trees can reap a higher price when reselling, renting, or leasing a commercial space. It is estimated that a well-designed and maintained landscape can improve the value of a commercial property by nearly 20%; talk to your landscape professional to learn more.

Keep Maintenance in Mind

Don’t forget about what it will take to maintain your landscape and remember that a poorly maintained exterior may deter the same consumer audience that you are depending on for your revenues. Talk to your landscape professional about additional service provision, such as irrigation, installation, lighting, and hardscape features to optimize your outdoor space and to make it easier to maintain your exteriors. Set up a schedule of service provision too, so you won’t have to worry about your landscape from one season to the next.

Considering flipping your landscape designs? Work with a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC,  Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc. Enhance the appearance and value of your property; call today to learn more.