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Four Ways an Inviting Outdoor Space Can Improve Business

By November 30, 2017December 5th, 2017Commercial Landscaping
An Inviting Outdoor Space Can Improve Business

Don’t underestimate the value of some green-space at your business or workplace; there are many times when the added exterior space serves important purposes- and may even save your company some money over time! Consult with a commercial landscape and design company for innovative ideas and advice related to the best options for the southeastern US grow-zone.


Four ways an inviting exterior can impact your business are:

Creates curb appeal.

Your company’s curb appeal is likely the first thing that prospective clients and potential customers see when visiting your business. Make sure that it reflects the taste, care, and attention that you provide to your valued patrons with some professional landscaping and diligent maintenance. For instance, keep lawns mowed, trees trimmed, and plant beds, borders, and gardens to enhance the looks of your space.

Provide pleasure for patrons.

An outside space provides a welcome retreat for your patrons that need privacy for a call, are waiting for appointments, or that simply need a place to sit and think for a moment. Make this a place for clients to enjoy, with beautiful foliage and blooming plants, and outfit the space with high-end furnishings and features. Consider a soothing water fountain to serve as a focal point and hub of your exterior space.

Serves as an on-site venue.

Your own outdoor space could generate additional income for your company as a spot for special events. Rent your property for meetings, retreats, or even weddings, to provide some fluid income during off-seasons or slow periods. Furthermore, this offers you the chance to have ready-access to your own space that is perfect for corporate events, team-building activities, or outdoor promotions. You will save money from renting off-site locales when planning events, which can be used for other exciting features for your affair.

Demonstrates nurturance and care.

Keeping well-kempt exteriors shows clients that you care about your surroundings and that you pay attention to detail. These are admirable qualities that could earn you valuable clients! You can also show your care and nurturance through pristine landscaping, which makes regular landscape maintenance from Charleston professionals a prudent business investment. Give your customers and visitors something to look at and admire with lush plants, unique trees, and quaint displays that change with the season.


Let Carolina Services Grounds Division help spruce-up your business’ exteriors and improve your company’s bottom line! Consider these four ways that this can improve business and impress clients or consumers, and put some effort into creating an inviting outdoor space. Note the improved morale and favorable feedback that results when you provide a natural sanctuary to your work environment.