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Great Slate! Bring a Premium Touch to your Company’s Curb Appeal.

By March 30, 2018April 2nd, 2018Commercial Landscaping
Great Slate! Bring a Premium Touch to your Company's Curb Appeal.

Want to spruce-up your business exteriors? Consider using slate. Slate is a fine-grained, metamorphic rock that is used to create a smooth, hard surface for tile, pavers, and slab that can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.


Some characteristics that make slate a popular landscaping material include:

  • It is very durable.
  • Slate doesn’t absorb moisture which makes it resistant against rain, sleet, snow; slate doesn’t heave or crack like other surfacing materials.
  • It holds up well to hot and cold climates, as well as temperature changes.
  • Slate is comprised of natural materials, including clay, minerals, and mica, found deep in the earth.



Some ways to upgrade and utilize slate in your commercial or business landscaping are:


The driveways. You can really transform the look of your business when you use slate in the driveway. Slate is a popular option as it is quite easy to install and requires little care to keep it looking great. Furthermore, you have a vast range of color and texture choices, which means your driveway will be distinctive and unlike any other.


Your walkways. Your walkways should be an extension of your driveway or parking area, and they should beckon prospective visitors and guide them to your door. Make sure that the surface of these heavily-traveled areas represents your company in a favorable way; slate is an excellent option that looks expensive but is quite simple to implement.


In outdoor spaces. Does your business have any outdoor space, such as a pavilion or a water feature? Let these areas stand out by using slate as a border or surfacing material. Slate looks like natural stone, with a smooth, glass-like facade. This is the perfect option for improving or restoring outdoor spaces and breathing life into neglected spots.


On the stairs. Another cool way to use slate and improve the looks of your business is on your steps and stairs. If you have any risers leading up to your door, this is the perfect chance to implement the premium feel of slate; use stone or slate veneers to spruce-up concrete or wood steps and create an entry to your establishment. This single effort will make a significant difference in your company’s curb appeal.


There are numerous ways to use slate both inside and outside your business; talk to a professional about how to elevate and improve the feeling customers get when visiting your business, store-front, or company.


Talk to a Carolina Services Grounds Division for more information regarding how to enhance the exteriors of your business with slate. Use these tips for a few approaches to create a premium vibe to patrons and prospective consumers.