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Growing Herbs Year Round

Bring the taste of summer to your kitchen with fresh herbs that you can grow year-round! Consider perennial herb varieties that will come back each spring, yielding herbs until the frost. Herbs are easy to grow and require little care to thrive; plus, you can enjoy a potted herb garden in your kitchen or sunny window year-round, for fresh herbs that can be added to recipes and décor any time you wish. Need more reasons to plant fresh herbs? Here are a few:

  • Herbs are perfect for a window-box
  • Herb gardens bring a pop of color to your surroundings
  • Fresh herbs make a flavorful addition and garnish to cocktails and beverages
  • You can add herbs to cut flower arrangements for an aromatic twist
  • Dry herbs for heartfelt and handcrafted holiday gifts

Herbs are hardy and many can tolerate light freezes and frosts. Most herbs do best in full sun for around six hours daily; water regularly and early in the day so they have time to absorb excess moisture before the cooler temps of evening.

Try these easy herb varieties:


Oregano is a great herb to try when you first begin cultivating and growing herbs. It is hardy and hard-to-kill, regardless if you neglect or ignore it. Oregano yields small purple flowers, too, which attract bees, so planting oregano is good for the environment. This herb grows fast so harvest regularly and add it to the top of your pizzas, sandwiches, or in your favorite sauces and soups.


Once parsley is established, it will thrive and is easy to grow. However, since Parsley is biennial, it will take two full grow seasons before your herb flowers. Be patient and start with cell-starters from a garden store or center. There are many varieties of parsley, including curly and Italian flat-leaf.


Mint makes an excellent herb and addition to so many dishes and recipes. It is fast spreading so you may want to sink a potted mint plant in the ground to curb the spread and prevent mint from taking over. Mint is delicious added to teas or lemonade- as well as in your favorite sweet and savory recipes.  Try something different, like Chocolate Mint, to plant; also, mint is a natural mosquito repellent.


The scent of lavender is used to relax and relieve headaches; plant some for the exquisite fragrance and delicate taste. Lavender does best in well-drained soil and yields lovely purplish colored flowers.


Violas are lovely little edible flowers. They are easy to grow and resemble violets, though they typically are more colorful. These are excellent additions to cake decorations or ice cubes- try them!

Talk to a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC, at Carolina Services Grounds Division, to learn more about planting herbs on your property!