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High Interest, Low Maintenance with Sedum

Are you like many others at this point of year?  You look around at your yard and you see the usual suspects: moderately green grass out front and back that has the expected amount of weeds intermixed in it, a few flowers that match those that your neighbor and your neighbor’s neighbor have, and of course a crepe myrtle tree?  Is there something inside of you screaming out for a break from the template that you and all of your neighbors have followed so well?  Are you looking for a unique element that you could add to your yard that would distinguish you from your neighbors?  Are you worried that this “unique element” is going to require “way too much time and effort”?

Well, there is good news for you.  You can have the cool and distinct feature that will have guests asking you for expert tips and advice without having to put in all of the requisite time to actually be one!  So what is this mystery element that is in view?  It’s a flower bed.  But wait, it is not just any flower bed, it is a flower bed that is coated with sedum.

If you are like most, you have probably never even heard of sedum before.  Sedum, quite simply, is a perennial that has succulent leaves and fleshy stems.  The best and most common use for sedum is to serve as a groundcover.  These plants have the ability to not only thrive where they are planted but also spread out and blanket an entire area.

There are many varying types of sedum but most will remain low to the ground and produce flowers anywhere from early spring to early fall.  They like a lot of sun and also prefer to be in soil that has good drainage.  In order to plant them simply space them out anywhere from 6 inches to 2 feet apart.  Refer to the instructions for the specific plant as some are better than others at spreading.  The good news is that once you’ve planted the sedum you will have very little in the way of maintenance.  Simply sit back and wait for a colorful carpet to sprawl out over what once held pine straw or mulch.


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