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How Commercial Landscaping Can Reduce Pollen Allergies

Woman sneezing from pollen allergies

Do you struggle with outdoor allergies? Pollen can trigger severe allergies and brutal symptoms. Do yourself, your staff, and your clientele a favor by addressing pollen issues with some landscaping solutions.

Here is what you and your landscaping company can do:

Ease Pollen Allergies

If you experience pollen allergies, being outside can cause miserable symptoms, like eye irritation, congestion, sniffling, and, for some, difficulty breathing. The first thing that you can do to save yourself the discomfort of seasonal allergies is to hire a commercial landscaping professional to curb the time that you spend outside. With some clever design ideas, your landscaper may reduce the pollen that finds its way to your property.

Plant For Foragers

Another way to cut down on allergy symptoms is through careful planting. Look for flowers and plants that will be pollinated by area bees and insects, to cut down on the pollen that ends up in the air or carried by the breeze. Some good options include things that begin as bulbs, like tulips and daffodils, as well as petunias, sunflowers, and begonias.

Choose flowers with sticky pollen so that it cannot become airborne, like hydrangeas. Or go with lush, leafy ferns which have no pollen at all.

Maintain the Lawn

You can also keep pollen at a minimum when you maintain and mow your lawn regularly. This ensures that the grass doesn’t flower and create pollen. Plus, the mower can help reduce any pollen that has blown into the grass from the surrounding vegetation or trees.

When planning your landscape, skip the ornamental grass if you are sensitive to pollen. If you do want plants that could be high in pollen, make sure that you plant them far from the windows and doors to your business or building.

Try Trees

Try lowering tree pollen on your commercial property with these options, instead:

  • Female poplar trees
  • Female red maple trees
  • Female silver maple trees
  • Female mulberry trees
  • Female ash trees
  • Female red cedar trees, or Juniper trees

It is important to choose female trees to reduce pollen around your property- talk to your landscaper to learn more.

Be Tough on Weeds

Weeds create pollen- there is no getting around this fact. Keep weeds controlled, and you will have less pollen to deal with. Be wary of chemical weed control options as these can jeopardize the wellbeing of important pollinators, like birds and bees. Mow, pave, and maintain your greenspaces, instead.

Plan Around It

If pollen is a problem for you, plan around it. Instead of being outside in the morning or afternoon, when pollen is at its worst, spend time outdoors in the evening instead. Work collaboratively with your landscape design professional to find practices that are tolerable and that still preserve your commercial property’s curb appeal, too.

Is pollen a problem for you? Go ahead and hire a pro for landscape maintenance, instead. Talk to the team at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC, for an estimate and more information today!