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How Often Do Irrigation Systems Need Maintenance? 

A professional landscaper confirms that irrigation systems need maintenance.

Lawn and property care are essential for most commercial enterprises and residential owners. However, property maintenance requires a lot of work and time. Good property care also requires proper irrigation, and irrigation systems need maintenance routinely.  

The Benefits of Irrigation Systems 

Good irrigation systems that are well-designed and well-maintained save a business or residential owner money by eliminating overwatering and water runoff. They add value to a property by improving its exterior appearance. They offer convenience and save time by operating automatically and watering at the right time with the right amount of water. They are environmentally friendly, and they promote a healthy landscape.

How Often Do Irrigation Systems Need Maintenance? 

Irrigation systems need maintenance using this type of schedule: 

  • Spring start-up (in most four-season climate regions.)

After being shut down during the cold winter season, an irrigation system needs to be turned on correctly and checked to ensure that all operating zones are working well, that there are no burst pipes, popped heads, or leaks, and that the backflow preventer is operating properly. The controller should be checked to ensure that the clock is set correctly and that all zones run at the most appropriate durations. 

  • Monthly check-ins.

The system should be regularly checked to ensure that all zones and components are operating correctly, that the spray direction and coverage are correct, that watering times are optimum, that there is no overwatering, and that there is no evidence of leaks or other system problems. Also, it is important to ensure that heads are spraying properly because they can become clogged, broken, or knocked out of alignment by mowers or foot traffic. Any problems should be corrected immediately. 

  • Fall shutdown (in most four-season climate regions.)

After the watering season, the system should be shut down before winter. The backflow should be drained and all the water removed from the system’s pipes. Then, the controller is turned off.

Lawn Irrigation Mistakes  

Good maintenance will help avoid five types of mistakes:

  1. Overwatering, which wastes money, and underwatering. Both overwatering and underwatering can damage plant life.
  2. Watering at the wrong time or inconsistently. Having your irrigation system set to a carefully planned out schedule can prevent this.
  3. Watering during wet weather wastes important resources and can lead to unintentional damage by overwatering. You should monitor your system and adjust accordingly as the weather demands.
  4. A faulty or unreliable irrigation system. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Commercial Landscaper

When hiring a professional for your irrigation and landscaping needs, your property will always look as good as possible. The trained presence, awareness, and property oversight of professionals will help keep your property safe and you’ll have access to their expertise. Also, you’ll get more than mowing because they’ll know that irrigation systems need maintenance and can perform these tasks.

Get the Commercial Landscaping Expertise You Deserve 

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