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How Often Should You Have a Landscape Site Assessment? 

A professional examines a commercial lawn as he conducts a landscape site assessment.

Landscaping is an important investment for many commercial properties. Keeping your commercial property in tip-top shape is wise, so conducting a periodic landscape site assessment makes sense. 

Benefits of Expert Commercial Landscaping 

Expert commercial landscaping offers many benefits. It increases the property’s curb appeal to help potential customers more readily notice a business, helping it attract and keep customers. It can increase or enhance a business’s environmental responsibility image. It can contribute to improved employee retention. It can improve the market value of a company. Good landscape design can be used to create more usable space. It can also be employed to help save on heating and cooling costs. A professional landscape site assessment can be important to achieve these benefits.

What Can a Landscape Site Assessment Include?

A professional landscape site assessment starts with an examination of the footprint, including existing property features and the location of utilities. It generally will include assessments of site lines and views, hazards or company management concerns, property nuisances, and hydrozones. It will consider the impact of sun and shade on the property, as well as the impact of wind speeds and direction during the year. It will consider the soil condition, trees, shrubs, planting areas, lawns, and the maintenance of all property areas. 

How Often Should You Have a Landscape Site Assessment? 

A regular landscape site assessment is an important element of good property maintenance. Generally, a thorough landscape site assessment should be conducted at least once a year. That will make it much easier to spot problems and fix them before they worsen. More frequent assessments may be necessary if the property is large or complex. 

More regular and basic assessments should be conducted seasonally. First, an early spring assessment to prepare for the planting season. Second, a mid-summer assessment to see any gaps or crowded areas and begin planning for late summer or fall work, such as trimming, pruning, and transplanting. Third, a mid-fall assessment to make corrections for the winter period.

Tips for Good Commercial Property Maintenance 

In addition to a professional landscape site assessment, consider these 5 commercial property maintenance tips: 

  1. Schedule regular preventative care
  2. Keep a good budget for maintenance. 
  3. Make property safety a priority. 
  4. Use green and sustainable practices. 
  5. Utilize professional maintenance services. 

How to Choose a Professional Landscape Contractor 

First, start with a plan. Do you need a full-service contractor or a maintenance landscaping company? Second, get referrals and research companies to find the ones that offer the landscaping services you need. Third, interview potential contractors. Do they provide sustainable practices? Do they have the experience, qualifications, certifications, and equipment you need? Are they insured? Fourth, examine their costs. Fifth, choose your provider and get their services and prices in writing.  

Get the Commercial Landscaping Expertise You Deserve 

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