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How Often Should Your Business Lawn be Mowed?  

Business lawn be mowed by professionals

Maintaining the exteriors of your business is key to customer safety, as well as promoting a professional first impression to prospective visitors or clients. Some variables come into play when determining how frequently to mow, including your geographic locale and the season. So, how often should the company lawn be mowed? Also, does it make sense to hire a landscaper for the job? Here is what you should know: 

Spring Mowing  

Spring is the time to establish a mowing schedule. Once the temperatures warm up to around 50-degrees Fahrenheit consistently, it is time to mow at least once a week. Any chillier than that and the grass is not going to grow, so there is no need to mow and potentially harm the grass. Mowing every six or seven days ensures a lush, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing lawn that will be attractive to your prospective customers, colleagues, and guests. 

Summer Mowing 

When the temperatures rise and summer arrives, you will need to mow more often. The recommendation is around every four or five days. If you use fertilizer on your grass or greenspaces, you may find that you need to mow more often, approximately every three to four days in some cases. Another factor is the amount of rain that you receive in your region: a pretty simple rule of thumb is that more rain equates to more mowing.  

Keep in mind that when it is extremely dry and hot, you will want to cut down on the mowing to preserve and protect the grass. However, even in very warm conditions, plan to mow at least once a week during summer months- regardless of where you live. The exception to this is during a drought. In drought conditions, wait around ten or more days to mow to ensure your lawn comes back green and hardy.  

Fall Mowing 

A big part of fall landscaping revolves around clean up. Removing foliage, leaves, and dead grass before chilly weather is one such chore. It makes the most sense to mow once a week and instead of simply stopping, mow less frequently until the first frost strikes. This should gradually lead you into winter, without damaging your lawn, while also maintaining a well kept exterior.  

What about Winter? 

Even though you may not need to mow, the maintenance work on a lawn doesn’t stop in winter. Depending on where you live, there may be distinct tasks to protect and preserve your business’ lawn during this season, too. Snow removal, frost heaves, and ice are a few things to contend with if you live in some climates.  

How often should your lawn be mowed for peak appearance? Don’t risk lawn damage by too frequent or infrequent mowing and care; talk to the professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC, to schedule your lawn and landscaping services.